$27K Good price? Large kitchen 80 linear ft. of cabinets.

RealHousewifeofNJMarch 28, 2014

Hello all! I've been a lurker for several months. We have a 15 year old custom home that was devestated by a flood a few months ago. The silver lining is I get to do my late 90's natural cherry cabinets / ubatuba granite over. I visited Lowes and had their very knowledgeable kitchen designer redo my kitchen. I designed my "dream" kitchen with her, sparing no expense figuring I could always take things out. The end result was for roughly 80 ft. of cabinets, the final cost would be $27,000 after all the discounts and without tax. This is for Kraftmaid Peppercorn or Kaffe stained Cherry cabinets. I did 48" cabinets, wood hood, rollouts in each cabinet, large island with furniture legs, knife drawer, cutlery drawers, trash / recycling pullouts, pull out spice rack, etc. I am making one corner of the kitchen a beverage station with a built in coffee maker, beverage center refrigarator and icemaker. I really love what we came up with but am curious if this is a good price? I have not gone anywhere to compare. Incidentally 15 years ago when we built the house the cabinets were $15,000 but they were builders grade Aristokraft cabinets (although cherry) with NO bells and whistles. I don't have to go with Lowes but I really would like the cabinets to come in under $30,000 so I think custom would be out for me. Thank you!

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I guess I would have to see your kitchen layout to tell you if I think that is a good deal or not. That is WAY cheaper than what we are spending on our kitchen cabinets but we are going with a custom cabinet maker and not a big box store. It also depends on how many drawers, soft close, full extension, etc.

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I don't know about the price but I really just wanted to chime in to say that I love your user name!!

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Just as an FYI - we thought that custom would be too pricey for us, but they still came in under the price that Lowes gave us. We also got exactly what we wanted, down to the nearest inch, and they gave us features that Lowes didn't offer (an alternative to the OTR microwave, etc). Just something to think about...

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"rollouts in each cabinet"

Did you consider drawers instead of rollouts? They are very popular here, read around if you haven't thought about them yet. Check out the big drawers.

Looks like a thread has begun on this:

Here is a link that might be useful: Doors or drawers

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I can't comment on if that is a good deal or not because I do not know the layout of your kitchen but I strongly suggest getting a few quotes first, including one from a custom cabinet maker. It is often reported here that they can be cheaper than the big box. We got 4 or 5 quotes for our small kitchen and it varied by a few thousand. In a bigger kitchen that difference would have been even greater. Also I second the comment about the drawers - love the few drawers I have in my kitchen and wish I would have added a few more.

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We just went through this same thing last month. We went to Lowes and had a kitchen planner help us with Kraft Maid cabinets. We left nothing out, got all the extras. Then we went to a semi custom cabinet maker that is local to us. His cabinets were much nicer, they're made in the USA, we got even more extras and his estimate came in $11,000 less than Lowes, which was almost 40% lower! So,just to be safe, we got an estimate from another local custom cabinet maker. He was 30% lower than Lowes. We went with one of the local companies and are very happy with both the product and the service we received.

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I am researching the custom vs Ikea with custom doors vs Lowes Kraftmaid cabinets and came across the thread below.

I talked to a few custom cabinet builders at a home show today and I am concerned about the warranty for custom as mentioned in the link. I plan to visit one or two and look more closely at the work, how many years they have been in busienss and also read the fine print on each warranty.

A friend purchased her cabinets at Home Depot and I think she waited for some kind of semi annual sale or something for that vendor and got a significant discount. Ask the salesperson.

Here is a link that might be useful: pro and con list for cabinets

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Rachiele, LLC

This link may be of assistance. I was a kitchen designer for over 20 years. I put this informational site together to be helpful to those folks either remodeling their kitchen or designing a new one. Hope it is of some value.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to select a kitchen designer

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What sold me on IKEA+custom fronts was the hardware that IKEA uses for their drawers, hinges, slides, etc. Whatever company you go with, try out the hardware in a showroom. My new IKEA drawers are so lovely to use - solid, easily organized with interior fittings, and the slides are dampered and soft-close. They days of slamming doors and drawers are over!

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I priced my kitchen cabinets at Home Depot a few years ago. Then I went to a local kitchen cabinet shop. They were considerably cheaper for better cabinetry and I was able to do drawers...I favor drawers over roll-outs. Take the time to check out your local Cabinet stores. You may be delightfully surprised by the attention you receive in addition to the price.

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