How much DE?

twong1200April 30, 2011

Hi everyone,

I recently purchased a new (used) home that has Hayward equipment. My current home has Pentair products, if that matters.

Anyways, when I did the start up on my current home after the pool build, the builder taught me many things about the system and how to clean the DE filter. He also told me how many full scoops of DE to add to the skimmer after cleaning the filter.

My question is, how do I determine how much DE I'll need for my new home? Is there a simple equation?


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1 LB Coffee can for every 5 sq. ft. of filter area.

A 36 square foot would take a little more than five cans.

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Thanks....but shouldn't that calculation be a little more than 7 cans?

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Not after just a backwash. If the filter was put through a tear down cleaning and soaking, then 7 would correct.


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Thanks again, Scott.

OK, last question. How do I determine the filter area size?

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Mine has a label on the outside that indicates the model and a chart with the size. Otherwise, if you can find a model number you should be able to look it up.

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Thanks, lascatx. I looked on the filter earlier today and there are multiple models that have check boxes next to them. Unfortunately, none are checked!

Thanks...I'll figure it out. The previous owners (whom built the pool) have all the paperwork for it in a box that I will sift through.

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Is one of the model numbers punched out -- like with a hole punch? I think that is how mine is marked and it's not real obvious. Look at the very bottom of the label, below the chart and see if you find any numbers punched out.

If not, I'm sure you could take a photo and give dimensions to the manufacturer and they could help identify it. But how nice to have some papers to look through (the house and pool we have now as well as the last house have been corporate relos where everything has been cleared out and absolutely no information given) -- hope you find it.

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