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minnie_txJuly 7, 2007

Back in June of 2006 there were really terrible postings about some who wanted the conversation side of the forum. It was getting very disruptive on the board so I put in a request on the suggestions board and also posted on the forum that I did and gave the link. No one responed to that posting I withdrew my request but according to the date on my final posting there in the mean time others must have emailed direct to the powers that be. Requests are usually ignored when posted there.I never dreamed it would turn into what it has. I'm very sorry. I was and still am in favor of the OT.

I'm very sorry about this. I think it is rude when people complain about where a post is posted. To me common sense says to ignore them.

Life is too short to get so upset.

I just wanted you to know and you can still see my post over at the suggestion forum.

If you want me to leave I will.

Here is a link that might be useful: Suggestions? Forum - GardenWeb 6-12-06

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Minnie, Do not leave. The problem is not that there are 2 separate pages. The problem is that we should be able to say what we want where we want. Not have someone complaining to the GW because OT is posted on the discussion page. Colleen

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"Life is too short to get so upset." I wish I could put that in caps - but someone would get upset! LOLOLOL
I don't think anyone wants you to leave - I certainly don't and I looked at your link, and don't see how that could have been upsetting.
Oh dear, I'll bet I've upset someone.
I know you can't see my face, but I'm just having a bit of fun - all by myself alone at my computer.
Seriously - don't leave.

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No Don't Leave!!

i think Colleen hit the nail on the head there. We come here because it is like family. We tell all! That's why we love it. It's not as friendly if it is all biz (even if it is quilting). if I just wanted info i could go any number of places for that. I stayed here because it wasn't.


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Oh, Minnie, that was long ago, and you were very honest and open about it. So far as I am concerned, there is no reason at all for you to leave. You made the request with good motives, and you even withdrew it when you realized that most people liked things the way they were. It was GardenWeb, who you'd think would have reason to want to please the majority, who decided that, even so, a Conversations page would be a good thing. Please stay!

Actually, I had been hoping that Sandra's suggestion that we post more about quilting tips (which would mean a larger number of quilting-related posts in relation to the OT ones) would placate the few who can't bear to see OT in a subject line. Ha! So much for that good thought!

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No Minnie, don't leave. This fiasco has/had nothing to do with your suggestions from last year. I think that GW has just went a little too far in their posts/threads moving now. Hopefully, they'll stop it soon.

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Linda is right, this has nothing to do with your suggestions from last year.

Minnie, I do not want you or anyone to leave the forum over this difference of opinion. And no one is going to drive me away either.


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Minnie..I wasn't here on this forum when you posted before. But I am here...BECAUSE OF YOU!!! It was YOU who suggested I share my book weight here (from crafts and decorating forum)...and once I came here, I never left! Go figure!! LOL. I love it here...and want you to stay, too.
And, by the way, I never thanked you for sending me THANK YOU! Woman, you sent me down a road that has changed my life!!! lol

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I'm sending the quilt police to your house LOL hehehehe this has nothing to do with your suggestions from last year. Seriously get that thought out of your head don't leave.


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Minnie -- GET OUT!!!

JUST KIDDING, that was me trying to be funny.

You were trying to help and you should not feel bad about that at all, nor should anyone be upset with you. Most forums have a separate folder for OT posts. I think the main reasons it's unwanted by so many of us here is the unfriendly layout where you're either in one world or the other, and the fact that it only came about as a result of people B!^ching.

It may not even BE due to your post. With the tensions at the time it's possible GW put that up "coincidentally" when you asked for it. After all, many GW forums have the conversations link.

I've been over at the board recently set up by Lisa (where I'm sure you are also very welcome!) and no one minds using the right folders 'cause the layout is so easy to navigate -- you can see all the folders at once and tell what's got new stuff and get notified on any thread, not just one you started etc.

This is a wonderful forum full of great people and I'm sure NO ONE blames you for any of the commotion.

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Thanks all, I feel better now. I love all you guys

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Minnie, I am glad you are staying. It is fine having the conversations and the OT. I love your posts here and on the crafts forum. You do come up with some very cute ideas.


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I'm glad you are staying. You have wonderful ideas and posts. I love seeing them. Things will work out. This is still a great forum, just undergoing a few bumps.

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Minnie,i'm also glad you are staying.This is such a great group of women .Besides we have the same name,so you must stay,there aren't too many Minnies around.It's my middle name though,but was my moms first name.

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