July 1-15 KOKOs

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLJuly 1, 2008

Whew! Can you believe it's July already? And, time for fireworks....hope you all enjoy the pretty boomers! It's forecast to rain around here. DD's family, her in-laws and their whole family are heading out for a few days of camping anyway. They set up some kind of a covered walkway between the tents and put tables there for games, etc. Not my idea of fun, but I'm glad they're able to go if that's what they like.

I'm all packed and ready to fly out tomorrow at 6pm....had to borrow a duffle bag and put a few things into DGD suitcase, but I'm under the 50 pound limit....except for having to pay for an extra checked bag. I think it's still less expensive than shipping it, so that's what I'm doing. It's an ibuprophen day from lifting and weighing.

I met with LindaOH last Saturday at her guilds quilt show in Ft Wayne. We got to all the vendors but I only got to view the quilts from afar as it had been 3 hours and DD had 3 of the grandkids trying to occupy them at laser tag and shopping. Linda is really a very nice lady and I had a good time with her.

They're bringing the baby over tonight for one last long hold and some pictures before I leave. She's gained over a pound, so she's doing well.

Everyone keep well......I figure all that lifting counts for some kind of exercise today. @:)


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...forgot to leave you a link to make a non-fattening goodie for yourself. @:)

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread holder pattern

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Have a safe and peaceful trip Sharon. I love the thread holder, I just throw mine on the coffee table!!!!!!
It is still very hot so I haven't been walking, but I have been trying to work with the Pilates DVD I received 3 years ago.
It is a killer!!!!!!!!!!
Have a great 4th everyone, we will probably just grill out later in the day.

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Hi Rosa, I'm home....YIPPPEEEEEE! My own bed, my own pillows.... @:) I thought that thread holder was cute. Want to make one for myself for when I handsew....but not today.

DH didn't do too bad on the cleaning....he even did inside the microwave....no dusting though. He doesn't do well looking through the mail. If he thinks it's a come-on, he won't even open the envelope. Yep, cost me/him $33! He can write checks for the regular utilities and normal statements, but anything off the beaten track, bad news..no balancing checkbooks either! He was only off $3.51 in one of them and I'm still trying to figure out what he did in the other one....I had to take a break.

It's going to be a sewing afternoon!! I don't care....no dusting today!!!! Gotta sew, gotta get the machine uncovered and put the pedal to the floor! Am I unpacked??? No.....who cares.

It's rainy and humid here today, so I'm staying inside for now. Might take a trip around the mall later this evening when DH goes up to get his meds. Have to get some groceries, too. Not a drop of milk in the house!

Take care, y'all, and KOKO.


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Hi Sharon! Glad you had a safe trip home. There's nothing like your own bed and pillow.
I had a great time on Saturday at the quilt show. I did go back and look at the quilts. I was so tired by the time I left for home.lol
DH and I went to Columbus on Sunday to visit DD. DD and I went shopping for fabric for bridesmaid dresses. We found the exact fabric she wanted. She did have to order it but they said it was in the warehouse, so it shouldn't take too long to arrive.

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Hello all and a belated happy 4th of July to all of you. My company just left to fly back to Tennessee and North Carolina so spending a few minutes browsing and then I think a nap. Lots of time chatting and eating and making up for lost time. Hope that you are all well. Deanna

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Hi Linda! I had a great time, too.....just not enough time to do everything! I finally got all the fabric washed that I bought while up north (30 yards), but not the 30 fat quarters. You are going to be busy with the wedding that's coming up in a few months. BTW....have you started her DWR yet? lol

Deanna, Having visitors is tiring....after coming home, DGD was home for a night and then came here for a couple days while DD and her DH had planned a week-end get-away. It was like having company here when I just got home myself! Oh well, love my family!

I've gotten a WIP out and plan to put the borders on it tomorrow. I'm also playing catch up with the Simple Scrappy Treasures...I have April, June and July to do. I cut the fabric for April today so want to play with those tomorrow, too.

DH's birthday is today so we've been out to eat...wings. Everyone went together and we're having a family friend put a motorcyle together (from parts that were virtually free) for him that's similar to the chopper he used to have years ago. The money will pay for everything that wasn't free, including the course that is now required to get certified, license and insurance. He couldn't believe it! I'm thinking.....gasoline saver.

Have a great week......


Here is a link that might be useful: Using up scraps

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I would love to go to a quilt show!!! I remember how tired I was after my daughters 'out door wedding'. Of course, it rained but cleared for the wedding.
Deanna it is so very tiring to have company. I think we always go over board trying to make sure they have a good time.
Sharon my DGD's don't think of themsleves as company!!!! But I love them coming and going LOL!!!!!!
I started on the scrappy treasure and them I got way too busy, I have to complete it. I like the way she makes the blocks, I have seversl where I made over 100 HST's and I had no clue what for so I lost interest, or am I just lazy LOL???
Still hot and we are planning Da'd B-day party for this weekend 75+ guests. And I think I am related to ALL of them!!!!

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Rosa, Hope you enjoy your party week-end....you're a braver woman than I am! The quilt show that Linda's guild put on was in a larger area and not as crowded even though there were people there. I'm so claustrophic that I've had to leave other shows because I felt crushed and couldn't breathe, so I really enjoyed being able to have some space around me. It's the same way with fabric stores. When they try to cram everything in and don't leave me space, I don't shop there....sometimes I feel like I should raise a white flag and retreat!

I think I get discouraged with mysteries because they don't give enough information. I like to know the measurements after each step so I can square up along the way.

I really don't consider grands as company, it's just that there was an extra body in the house and I had just gotten home. Course, my brain didn't follow me home, so I guess it really didn't matter. You think I should finish unpacking? lol


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Hi all,
The last of my company left on Monday afternoon. It was my DD and two grands. Actually she helped a lot to get things back in order on Monday. She is good about doing that. I spent all day yesterday stripping beds, washing, vacuuming and putting things away.
We had a barrel of fun. The children swam, tubed, wakeboarded, skied and got a lot of sun. Only the red headed 6 year old was a little red from the sun. My DD had t-shirts made that said Camp Nana and Papa for my 4 grands. The first weekend my sister and 3 grands joined us for a long weekend. The second weekend a couple who have been friends since my children were little joined us so they could visit with the grands-the youngest they had not met and he is 6 years old. They were amazed, as everyone else is, that it is like watching his dad all over again.

I've got 2 weeks and my Texas grands will be back for a week.

Both my DGD's made a pillow to take home. We took a piece of fleece and emboidered a butterfly of their choice on the embroidery machine, they sewed it up, stuffed it and hand sewed the opening closed. One said looking at her stitches, they will know I did it. :) She was very proud.

That however is about the extent of my sewing at the moment.

Confession time: I ate everything they ate and did not walk. I stayed busy but my scales say it was not the right kind of activity so this day I am beginning again-story of my life but I'm not stessed about it. Just know I have to get those snacks out of my house! I'm glad I have you gals to be accountable to. Just got to KOKO!


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Sally, It sounds like you had a great time with your DD and grands. It truly is a special. You have just enough time to rest up and prepare for the next wave of grands. @:)

I've been trying to find things and get caught up on some quilting blocks I wanted to do so I can get them in the mail. Almost time to mail out the Aug BD blocks, too. I'd like to start working on getting at least one table runner and a placemat done every week to have them ready by Christmas. I might be able to do that after clearing up the sewing table and getting it more organized. When am I supposed to get a walk in???? Did it around Walmart and the mall parking lot yesterday.

I found this recipe on another forum and made it yesterday afternoon and served it to DD and family when they stopped by last night. I just cut it into squares instead of pie shape but think I'll use one of those Keebler cookie pie crusts next time.

Crustless Strawberry Pie

2 cups Water
1 small box Jell-O sugar-free vanilla pudding (Cook & Serve)
1 small box sugar-free strawberry Jell-O
4 cups strawberries, sliced

Mix WATER and pudding mix in pan, heat until boiling, stirring occasionally. Remove and add strawberry Jell-O powder. Set aside to cool for about 5 minutes. Place strawberries in a 9-inch pie dish. Pour pudding mixture over top of strawberries. Refrigerate until firm, about 2 hours. Cool whip optional

We do what we have to do to KOKO.....


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It seems like we are all very busy but what else is new!
We did get some yard work done this weekend and it is hot!

Sharon, your crustless Strawberry pie sounds good and I bet you are right it would be even better in a crust. I am always for crust or bread of any kind. It reminded me of a dessert I made for my grands while they were here because it was a dessert mom made when I was a child. We didn't have cool whip in those days.

It was called Jello Ice Box Pudding.
1 small box Jello (we used Strawberry)
3/4 cup boiling water
mix and set aside
1 can Pet milk-chilled overnight
3/4 cup sugar
whip chilled cream until stiff and add sugar while still beating; then fold in jello. Mix well. Line dish with vanilla wafers and layer pudding and mixture. Chill until ready to serve or it sets.

Mom always made hers in a large bowl with vanilla wafers up the sides as well as layered. She would make it on Sat for Sunday lunch and the vanilla wafers would be softened and delicious. Maybe not too good for our eating plan but sure brings back memories for me. It was gone quickly when I made it for the grands also.

DH & I walked before he went to work today. I always think no,no,no when the clock goes off but this seems to be working for us. I do have more time to do things and it works better most days.

Our neighborhood sewing group that meets once a month is coming here tomorrow. One of the gals-a former HomeEc teacher- has given us a pattern for a quilt she has been making. I don't know how many of us will do it. We have mostly been doing hand work when we get together. I have pulled some fabric from my stash and plan to cut my blocks which are just various sizes set together to look random, It is then put together like a rag quilt with a solid back. I think I'm going to put mine together by the block so I can quilt as I go.

Hope everyone has a good week. And KOKO.


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Good evening,
Boy the recipes sound good and so summery.I have really enjoyed all the fresh fruit and DH picked a dozen zucchini. I ordered a crate of blueberries that a local church sells so they are in the freezer now.

Is anyone feeling like summer is quickly creeping away from us? I think once the 4th comes that the days go way too quickly. I can't think of how I have even spent the last days since I posted. It has been hot and very dry in South Dakota and i have lost my oomph for my flowers and yard.

Oh yes, DD and I went through her t-shirts to make some decisions for a t-shirt quilt. Some of the designs are almost 16 inches and we may end up doing a front and back. She wants to make this quilt so we better get working on it before she heads back to school.

Hope this finds you all well and KOKO. I am enjoying eating too much but I still get in my exercise. Take care. Deanna

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Hello everyone.....stormy here....lost computer....I'm at DD's....my mom's BD is tomorrow and I'm having my sister pick up one of those edible arrangements for her. She's to the point where she isn't interested in eating, but she wants her name said at a Twins game on TV for her present.

Sally, your recipe sounds good...with the wafers, it reminds me of the banana pudding my grandma used to make. Make sure we see a pic of the quilt you're working on.

Deanna, Seems like summer is always a fresh veggie time to eat....I do love fried green tomatoes! Gotta get me some.....and mater sandwiches with mayo....I'm making myself hungry. Probably would have helped if I had eaten something today.

Take care and KOKO...


Here is a link that might be useful: Edible Arrangements

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The recipes do sound yummy. Strawberries and tomatoes are my favorite. I think an edible arrrangement is a wonderful idea. I have started on Christmas too. My sewing room is such a mess but I want to sew and not clean!!!!!!!!
I canned tomatoes and the little cherry tomatoes in my garden were dehydrated and in the freezer.
The B-day party for Dad turned out very well, but I am still tired.
We were getting together at my sis's house and her AC went out. She was talking to my other sis to tell her we would meet at the community center when the phone went dead.
My sis had been in an accident. I think she was more than a little ticked at me because I fussed at her for trying to talk on the cell and drive. She had her 4 yr old DGD with her and she ran the red light. No one was seriously hurt thank goodness, but the day was getting very stressful for all of us.
When we finally made it to the CC to start decorating it had been left pretty messy and the grass was very high.
The thermostat said close to 90 and it was hours before it started cooling off.
I was up until after 2 AM and I got up early Saturday so we could have everything ready by 2 PM.
You would think with all of that running around and sweating I would loose at least a couple of pounds!!
I don't want to have any more parties any time soon.
Weary Rosa

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