bkfdwifeJuly 1, 2006

ok, I have to admit, I came here looking for the juicy topic! hehehehe...well..lemme think now. Oh, strawberries are in season here, we had some while camping, they were sweet and JUICY!



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Juicy strawberries would be wonderful. The strawberries here in northern Calif have been puckerup tart. Now the watermelons this year? Ohmygoodness, they have been totally luscious. Juice dripping out of the corners of your mouth.

How's that for a juicy story, Lisa!

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Oh, the berries!
I pre-ordered my berries today at our local farm....even though I was only getting half a flat. One of the clerks told me to do that as they have been selling out in 20 minutes! I asked her today if I could have an escort to my car :)
We have a fast food chain called "Burgerville" & they make these fresh strawberry shakes that are to die for....the top quarter is whipped cream.....I tell ya I dream about these shakes!
I am getting a bit tired of the short supply & am thinking about putting in a raised bed for them....any tips? All I have ever done is tomatoes.

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Strawberries are gone here and watermellons (at least locally grown ones) aren't quite ready to pick. But the blueberries are fantastic. I picked some at my parents today and can't wait for a pie Tuesday. Tomatoes are also doing well (thanks to irrigation) but the squash and cucumbers are about dried up. The corn is starting to come in and will have some nice fresh corn for the grill Tuesday.


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Strawberries never got too good down here this season. I do recall one heavenly scented 8 hour drive years back from San Joaquin county San Diego when I picked up a flat of the sweetes, most succulent, juicy, red, flavorful, aromatic strawberries on earth at a fruit stand on my way out of town. Every now and then I'd just reach back behind me snag one. Yum.

As for other juicy topics -- I'm sure they'll find their way in here from time to time but my life is luxuriously NON dramatic. Now, if you'd caught me back in my Navy days... Just kidding. Sorta...

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I just got back from picking strawberries. I picked 7 lb. and it seemed to take forever. The local patch is just about finished. They don't irrigate so their season is pretty short and it has been very dry for the last month.But they are sweet and juicy. I don't mind small berries because I make sraberry preserves and need whole berries for that. It seems the storms just keep bypassing us. We hear the thunder but get no rain. I guess I will have to go the "tourist attraction" patch for the rest. They have a petting zoo, playground for the kids and haywagon rides to and from the patch. They also charge twice as much for the berries.

Time to get making jam!!!


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