When will I learn....

redpennyJuly 10, 2007

I stop pass the thrift store yesterday late and they had a white cabinet very nice and I should of bought it then...

well I went back today and of course it was gone.....when will I learn to just get it when I see it....LOL...

feeling depressed ...............


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Red, I do this all the time and it really makes me mad....Of course there are times, when I do get something and then wonder why in the world did I buy that????
You're not alone,

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Oh no, you are not alone. But like Dorothy said, about half the time when I do buy something on the spur of the moment, I wonder what I'm going to do with it when I get it home.

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Me too! I debate too long on "should I"...and then it's gone!
Sigh...I feel for ya Red.

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I feel your pain! Last month at Goodwill I saw 2 partial bolts of Daisy Kingdom fabric(at least 6 yards on each, probably more)..beautiful black floral prints ..for 6 dollars each. I didn't know what I'd use them for so I left without buying them..DUMB!!! Went back later in the day and of course they were gone..still kicking myself!

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We have a Bibles For Missions Thrift Store nearby and I went in looking for old jeans for DS to wear to work (he works in a factory and ruins everything) and they had 2 dk green leather arm chairs. I didn't want to buy them without DH looking at them so asked them to hold them until the next day. DH and I went back the next morning (Sat)and bought them. We couldn't take them with us so said we would pick them up on Tuesday. When DH went back to get them they said "We are so glad you are here...everybody wnated to buy those chairs." Moral of the story is...just ask if they will hold the item. If you don't come back the next day they will sell it. But of course I learned this the hard way!!
I know how you fel Red.


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this thrift store does not hold anything you buy now or lose LOL!

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That's the way my thrift store is too Red. Gotta be quick. AND, the people who work there grab anything really good before it even gets onto the floor.

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