Kool Deck Pricing

apsel3April 24, 2008

Hello. New Jersey PB quoted us $9.00 sq. ft. for kooldeck over concrete (roughly 1,200 sq. feet) and another $2,000 for a cantilever edge. Does this sound reasonable?


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First, its not real kooldeck because kooldeck has to go on top of "wet" concrete. Also the stuff that goes on afterwards is better. It sounds high but perhaps you need a lot of pre-work on the concrete or are you going with a pattern of some kind? If its a pattern than its not high. Its normally about $3.50 for plain-jane spray on coating on concrete that needs minimal or no work. It gets up to $9-12 if you are doing a flagstone pattern or something fancy with it.

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You were not clear if the price of $9.00 a square foot was just for the Kool Deck topping or for the concrete with Kool Deck. If it is with the concrete it is a reasonable price, without concrete, it is not a good price. The price for the cantilever edge is out of line. I am assuming you have a fiberglass pool. The cost of a box of cantilever forms is no more than about $160, although there is more work involved putting in the cantilever concrete it's not worth $2,000.

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$9 includes concrete. I have a steel-walled, vinyl-lined 18x36 rectangular pool. I'll find out what kooldeck application it is. There is no pattern though.

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Ok, then $9 is reasonable. Concrete prices are between $6 and $8 per square foot now. They use to be around $4-$6 but the price of concrete has gone up. When you combine the two prices, $9 is not too bad. You might be able to get 50 cents a square foot lower on your final price but thats about it.

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"Also the stuff that goes on afterwards is better." We have Kool deck (poured onto wet concrete). I'm no pro but my experience is that the Kool deck is better when applied to wet concrete. We had planned on getting the Kool deck applied later for budget reasons; but our friend had hers applied later (actually sundeck) and it began peeling at the joints. She's had it reapplied twice. We decided to have ours applied when the concrete was still wet. So far, no trouble but I can't speak for the long term. Only to say that it is not peeling like our friend's deck.

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Very few pool builders use the Kool Deck that is applied when the concrete is still curing. It had to be applied so thick to cover the grey concrete and by the time you textured on top of that, it was so thick that moisture could develop between the Kool Deck and the concrete which caused the Kool Deck to seperate from the concrete. The acrylic spray deck that most pool builders are using these days to texture, followed by painting seems to hold up best.

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In our area of Oklahoma it is $5.50 Sq/FT. That is with Kool Deck put onto wet cement. We are waiting on the rain to STOP and dry out for ours to be finsihed. Heopfully this next week! Ours is app 1600 sq ft of decking

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Wholesale pricing in NC for new concrete decking is 4.50 S.F. and 2.00 for spray deck over new concrete(with color coat).The cantilever price could be a little lower as a discount with the whole deck price.Sounds like a fair deal for this time of year.

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