Deck Cleaning and Staining

red62May 4, 2010

Message for John Hyatt.

I sent a message a few weeks ago and John answered so this is for him I guess. John you suggested Woodrich for the cleaning materials, well I purchased the EFC-38 first. this did not touch the stain, so I purchased the HD-80 next and this would not touch the stain. I happened to find some Latex Stain remover called Problem Solver by Cabot, bingo that takes about ninety percent off. Now the next question I sanded the rest off to bare wood but you know how that goes, it looks like it is all off but there might be somesoaked in stain left. Will TWP 115 soak in or will it cause blotches. What is your opinion.

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Ghessss Man that has got to be some tough stuff you had on there.

It might have been the combo of all that chem that finally did it. One thing I do is use a floor machine with a scrub pad not just the stripper by itself. Hard to tell. Man that md80 is hard stuff.

Anyway after all that,and you did use the oxalic brightner right? you should be ready for finish but try a test area first before the 116. J.

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