pool stain recurring

b1r2a3d4April 19, 2013

This stain (crud growth) is on a modified plaster (many brand names) and I've drained the pool several times in the last 7 years and sanded the spots with a diamond disk. They initially are bumpy and can be knocked off with a sharp chisel, but a drain and sanding leaves the area beautiful and spotless and smooth. After a season the dark bumps begin growing again in the very same exact spots. Could this be a defect in the plaster since new that precipitates a growth? Is it some sort of mysterious fungus or algae buried in the plaster? The rest of the pool is pristine. I have auto HCl and Cl feeders that keep everything balanced perfectly.

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I can't tell from the picture but are they brown or rust colored?

I get similar spots in my PebbleSheen. Pool builder says it's a mineral leeching out of some of the stones. It always happens in the exact same spots. I've got about 9 dime sized and smaller spots that will reoccur a couple times per season. Tried everything to remove them. The only thing that worked, like magic, was absorbic acid. In other words, I had my 14 year old swim around, underwater, with a mask on and rub the spots with a simple Vitamin C tablet. 1000 mg.

I saw one post on here, where the pool got brown stains in the same spots but they were long. Turns out the rebar was rusting through the pool finish. Yikes.

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Thanks for the message, banana. I've have metal stains which come from fertilizer from the adjacent golf course. These clear up really well with a handful of ascorbic acid, no problem. But the cruddy spots I have are actually nodules about 1mm above the surface. They don't have any distinct color, just dark. Like I said I can sand them off and they're gone and the surface looks perfect. I just don't get the position memory - every season, the same spots.

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Here is a good place to start for stains see links below. You may want to try a test kit.

Hope this helps

Here is a link that might be useful: Jacks Magic

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