Crummy start to vacation!

msmeowJuly 3, 2006

Okay - I'm venting here! I came in to work a half day this morning. I'm on vacation the rest of the week. When I went to get my purse out of my desk at noon to go home - it was gone! Stolen OUT OF MY DESK! I was out of my office for about 20-30 minutes this morning. I called to cancel my credit card and whoever took it has already used it for 2 tanks of gas and to pay their utility bill! How dumb is that?! I'm waiting for a sheriff's deputy to come take a report.

The really really sad thing is that I work at a church! A few weeks ago someone went in the sanctuary and stole a very expensive computer. What is the world coming to?

Thanks for listening - now I'm off to cancel some more cards.


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Oh Donna, that is awful! I hope you didn't have anyting in your purse that couldn't be replaced. It sounds like the church needs to invest in a monitoring camera - and post signs saying there's one there. Hopefully, that will stop the thief(s). It's an awful feeling to think that you can't trust keeping your purse in your own office.

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Oh, what a frustrating and disappointing experience for you!! Hope it doesn't put too much of a damper on your vacation. We live 3 houses down from a church and a convent, and the convent was robbed several years ago. Police went door to door asking if we'd seen anyone suspicious in the neighborhood. I guess no place is sacred. I hope they find whoever did it - maybe someone just wandered in thinking that was a trusting environment, and took advantage of it!

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Well, at least we weren't going anywhere. I'm planning to just stay home and sew! But I was also planning to do some quilt shop hopping while DH is at work! :(


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Arg. I'd be very angry.

I hope the credit places don't give you grief. I know sometimes it can be a real hassle to cancel a card.

~ Kit

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Oh Donna, so sorry for your day (guess it will win any "bad Monday" story contest!). Here's hoping the rest of your week will be SO much better! Jill

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Wow Donna,
I am sorry to hear that I bet it is a inside Job!
They should be able to track it thru the utility bill because it will go to account # and account # will have a name.Good Luck and keep us posted.

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Donna, so sorry to hear of it. What a crummy thing to do to somebody anywhere anytime, but in a church, and so sneaky, right out of your desk.

DHs wallet was stolen out of the car (his fault for leaving it there!) and the idiots went out and bought fast food chicken with his credit card! Well, I can't blame them, we were camped down by the American River...a fair amount of homeless there, hungry and no cars to put gas in!

Oh yes, and what a nuisance about the credit & debit/ATM have to wait for new ones...gotta go back to the old checkbook!

Hope the rest of your holiday goes beautifully and that you enjoy your sewing.


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Donna, I work at a church also. We keep the door locked during the week unless there is an activity that day. A former secretary had her purse stolen when she took someone to the food pantry. I keep my purse out of sight when I am working.
We have had a lot of things stolen over the years.
Linda OH

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Donna that really really sucks! Not only do I hope they find out who did it, but that faith may be restored for those around you! What nerve!!!

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Thanks for all your kind words! I also remembered that my "good" watch was in my purse - the stem was broken and I've been carrying it around forever to take to the shop. Tomorrow we're going to Lowe's to buy a new lock set for the front door, since my car and house keys were in my purse. Back when I first started at the church, everyone on staff had a master key that opened anything on campus, but most doors were locked most of the time. A couple of years ago, the Board of Trustees decided it would be better to leave the whole campus unlocked from 7 am till 10 pm and give staff members only the key to their own office. It's probably a miracle they haven't stolen everything that wasn't nailed down!

Anyway, no one was hurt, and hopefully the sheriff's dept. will catch whoever did it, though they didn't sound particularly interested in my case. They didn't even send a deputy to interview me - they called me on the phone!

Well, I'm off to bed - tomorrow will be a better day! :)


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I am so sorry to hear that. I still remember in high school when I moved from a small town to a bigger one and my purse was stolen during PE. The teacher got mad at ME for leaving it out. (I was new and didn't know I was suppposed to have a locker.) But anyhow, I was like -- who TAKES something that does not BELONG to them?

To this day people are always telling me to "put your purse away" (of course yours WAS) and I've been pretty lucky -- but it always is a total SHOCK to me when something is stolen.

I do recall in Hawaii on a business trip I had a teddy bear -- Tucker -- that DH had given me. He was boyfriend back then. I took him EVERY time I traveled. And someone STOLE him from my room. I tore that place apart searching for him and felt like a neglectful parent. The insult on the injury? I tipped that maid $3 EVERY SINGLE DAY. Later I told my traveling companions and they laughed at me and said they never tip, or maybe once a week.

But enough about me... I am so sorry about your purse. What a nightmare/hassesl.

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I'm so sorry Donna. Been there, done that, not fun. I can't believe they paid their utility bill. Not the brightest crayon in the box are they. Should make it easier to find them. I do hope everything else is ok. Your homeowners may help cover some of the losses, be sure to check.


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Just wondering Donna if they tracked the name to the utility bill?

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I haven't heard anything from the sheriff's office. I called Friday to see if I could get a copy of the deputy's report, and got an answering machine! I know they have far worse crimes to deal with, but it would be nice to feel like they were at least making a little effort.

Tuesday we changed the house locks and on Wed. I got a new license and a new key & remote entry box for my car. Yesterday we replaced the cell phone, and new credit & debit cards should arrive soon. The homeowner's insurance people opened a miscellaneous file instead of a claim, since the losses may not be more than my deductible, but at least they did something! I talked to them on Wed. and on Friday my new car insurance card and a letter about the procedure came.

Anyway, it's back to work tomorrow, and my NEW purse will be locked up in a file cabinet!

I've mostly spent my time off sewing, like I had planned. Made 2 new outfits and I'm working now on quilting a quilt for a friend.


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