second guessing using pebble fina vs the peeble sheen

chickadee4April 17, 2013

We are a few days away from the construction crew descending on my home front. The hubby has let me research, interview, and choose every single step of this pool build. I am a nervous wreck cause he now has decided to get involved.
Anytime I have a project I consider function, design and price. I really do not want to get into acid washing the pool so instead of the grey plaster I choose the pebble fina. The price increase to the sheen is another 26 hundred dollars.
Would you recommend the Sheen over the fina?
Is the Sheen a better product and more durable ?
Do home owners choose the Peble Sheen more due to color choices or that the Pebble fina tends to show stains?
If I screw up I will never hear the end of this.

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I am going to answer my own post since I have the answer.
ONly doing this for future pool shoppers.

I contacted Pebble tech asking the benefits of sheen versus fina. THere is a longer warranty to the sheen and the sheen is easier to maintain. The fina is a small step up from plaster . I am going to eat salads for the next two months to pay the increase cost.

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I had my pool replastered and originally was going to go with pebbletec. My hubby was concerned about scraped toes and so we went with pebble fina instead. We have grigio (gray) pebble fina and love it, but... it is blotchy. Wasn't so much at first and it is very minimal in this picture but that's because this picture was taken at the very beginning, right after my replastering project was completed almost 4 years ago. I had a solar installation guy come out to give me an estimate shortly after this picture was taken and he told me it would get more blotchy over time. He said he knew this because he had seen it many times in other pools that had used this same product. And he was right. The blotchiness is not the result of a chemical imbalance because mine have always been right on where they need to be, its just the nature of the beast -- especially with grays (?). But that's okay, I still love it. Just know that its not going to be a smooth gray surface if that's what you're expecting, instead it looks kind of like marble.

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Terriolsen, Now after 4 years, how is your pebble fina looking? Did it mottle or marble? Can you post a picture? We are torn between plaster and pebble fina. We did not like the feel of the stones.

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You really can't tell until you look closely, and the water is very still... but here it is today. Pic 1:

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Pic 2:

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and Pic 3:

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Thank you, TerriOlsen.

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