How to protect cedar pergola

rinahenMay 25, 2007


We just spend a good amount of money on a cedar pergola to replace the one that was there before.... (I don't think it was cedar)... anyways, we live in Southwest Florida and we have extreme heat and rain to deal with during summers... the pergola has been built approximately one month now, and we still haven't stained it.... mainly because of confusion on what to use on it... we want to use a semi-transparent stain, in a darker richer color.... there are so many different types of stains (with oils, without, etc...)... I'm hoping you might able to send me some suggestions on the best way to treat and paint our pergola for ultimate protection!!! Thanks for your help!


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Sikkens is a Mfg of good sealer/stain. So is Behr for much less coin.
The best kind is that which you place on the lumber before the sun starts changing the natural color. The darker colors do better at blocking UV's.
If your doing it yourself look for a single coat application finish.
I'd encourage to jump on it as soon as you can.

See ya,

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Hmmmm...we have a cedar airing porch that was built, and we were told not to do anything with it for a couple of years. I'd ask around before staining it.

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Rina, can't guide you re protection, but writing to ask if you'd either post or send me some pictures of your new pergola. I love the look of cedar and am planning a pergola here.

Rosie in Sugar Hill, GA

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If you like your cedar shade arbor red follow my advice.
If you like them Grey don't worry about seal/stain or use a natural color(clear). No seal or a clear to light colored finish will not stop graying. There's simply not enough pigment in them to protect from the UV's.

I've built more than enough cedar fences, arbors, cabanas, decks, gazebos etc.. to tell you this for fact.
I've seen them go Grey in less than one summer here in Texas because my buyer opted not to pay me to seal/stain the lumber while it was still on the horses.

just my .02

see ya,

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we used Ken's stuff on our ipe decking and 'wood defender' from Texas on our cedar fences and arbor. I don't remember why I finally chose the wood defender but do remember that I spent a long time comparing products before hand. Anyway our wood still looks great, there were some choices in stain color etc and the customer service for this co. was complaints. BTW we stained within 2 weeks of getting the structures up. I wouldn't wait to long before going at it. Also...Sikkens is beautiful stuff but isn't it film forming??

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