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hayden2239July 31, 2007

Hello all. I have been in Omaha for a week while DH underwent an heart overhaul, and thought I'd check in now that I'm back.

I tell you, that was a rough week. DH had 2 valves replaced, an aortic anyeurism fixed, a pulmonary bypass, and a hole between two chambers of his heart fixed. Took about 10 hours, then he wouldn't stop bleeding from everywhere when they took him off the H/L machine. So, after about 4 hrs they just packed him off, left him open, and pumped in 50 units of clotting factor, then set him in ICU for 18 hours. Then went back in and finished & closed him up. All total, 34 hours, and 113 units of assorted blood products. And, I am glad he understands what a miracle it is that he is still here. He started to "talk trash" about racing his brother on their bicycles for 50 miles, and I just shut him down. I said "if you're gonna talk like an a$$, I'm gonna leave, cause its just too soon after this for me to hear you being a fool with your life." I hate that pushing the envelope, know more than the doc trash talk, and he is going to learn I will not tolerate it anymore.

Today, out of ICU, and oatmeal for breakfast! Great strides in his recovery.

Just wanted to update all....



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Michele, Hugs, Hugs, you have been through the happy your DH is on the improving side must be exhausted so take some time to get some rest now. Keep strong!

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Oh, Michelle! How traumatic for both of you. I hope he recovers quickly and that you can get some rest.


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Gosh, Michele, what an experience! I'll bet you feel like you lived a year in those few days. Take care of you, too.


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Good thoughts and best wishes coming your way. Be sure you take care of yourself. That is the only way you can take care of others.
Keep us updated.

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Glad your hubby is doing better. You take care.

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God bless you Michelle. My DH went through getting a triple A fixed several years ago. They put a stent around the bulge to reinforce. He is in no condition for the traditional surgery for that problem. So far so good. Has to have a cat scan every 6 months. I can't even believe all the things they did to your DH. Hope all goes well--he must be a real fighter. Please keep us updated.


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Prayers coming your way. Hope you DH continues to
improve. He sounds like a miracle with all they did
to him. Take care of yourself.

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((Michelle & DH))
Prayers for you and DH. I'm glad he is getting better.


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Wow, what an ordeal! Glad he is recovering. And you are keeping him in line. That is so hard for the person in your position to go through too.

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What a nightmare for both of you! Take care of yourself.

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What an awful experience, but I'm so happy he is doing well now. At this point, that "trash talk" sounds like a lot of hot air, but it probably makes him feel better and more confident, don't you think? (Man stuff, you know.) Or is he the type who will really go out and try to do something foolish after all that surgery and trouble? In which case, you'll have your job cut out for you, trying to restrain him. But it sounds as if you already have things under control. LOL! Hang in there, and best wishes for an uneventful recovery.

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I agree with Jan. He is probably just giving himself a pep talk. I'd be happy that he has that much spunk. Shows he still wants to live.

Just be sure he follows the advice about how much exercise and the type of exercise he can have. He has to stay in the narrow band between too little and too much.

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You could ask the doctor if it's something he could do in the distant future. That would be reason for him to do the cardiac rehab exercises. DH had that - supervised by nurses in the hospital. Medicare paid for it.

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Thanks all for your kind words....I just received a phone call from DH.
He's being discharged tomorrow! Great news, but I'm not sure I'm ready!
And for the trash talk....he's serious. Regularly, my DH is a bicyclist...usually rides 4000 to 6000 miles per year. One would say, a driven individual. I'm gonna need a whip to slow him down. (((sigh)))

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Oh what a tough time youÂve been through. All the waiting and worrying is so hard. IÂm very glad he is doing better and coming home, that is wonderful! IÂm sending both of you my best wishes.


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Phew- what an ordeal to be sure! I hope that you are both able to get some good rest and relaxation.
Take care,

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Go buy that whip! LOL

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OK this may call for serious wifely sabotage. Slash his tires and all inner tubes. Put burrs in his saddle. Put stones under the inner sole of his shoes. Dismantle his bike and scatter the parts all over the house, garage, sheds and anyplace else you can think of.

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