California sucks!

calico91May 16, 2009

I have been using Cabot's Australian Timber Oil in Mahogany Flame for the past several years on my Ipe deck and have been very satisfied with the duration and love the color. Upon recently ordering some more last week I was told it is now restricted in southern California. Superdeck/Duckback has an Exotic Hardwood stain and sealer in Cherry. Does anyone out there know if that would be similar to Cabot's Mahogany Flame. Thanks.

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Yup, that's why we left Sunny Southern California years ago. Was raised there and my whole family is still there, and I haven't missed it even once!

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Environmental "solutions" typically get started here in ca. and end up spreading nationwide. It's not just cabots, but eventually all oil based prooducts will be phased out. We have cabots oil based stain on our facia/soffits on our build. By the time it comes to re-stain, I assume oil based products will be gone. Hopefully we will be able to find products that will adhere to the cabots. It's "big brother" and like oil based products, other things like toys with two stroke engines will be phased out , only four strokes will be around. Cool if your into harleys, but for small fishing boat owners, off roaders, chain saw users that have two strokes, a change is a comin'!

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To the o.p., we have super deck on an outbuilding that has cedar siding. It's been on 5 years and still looks great. It was recommended by the locals to re-coat every 5 years. We are going to put on another coat using clear, sticking with super deck/duckback. Thing is, it will no doubt be phased out as well!

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Us Harley riders are at risk with methonal in the gas. The green mafia is pushing for 20% +. Any high compresion motor is not going to run on it and most cars pre 2000 will need major changes to the fule system if it can be done at all.

These people are not dealing with the real world and would not know how if they were. Google up Dihydrogen Monxide the invisable killer. J.

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Hey J, Forgot about the methanol issue. It's right up there with the rest of the crap they're baggin' us with. If they have their way, we'll all be on walk and using hand tools to get by. The handfull of rocket scientists with no common sense wont listen to the average joes like us, the majority of the populous, who gain experience by gettin' down in it and learning what works and what dont. Gotta keep on trying though and keep on keeping on! Dihydrogen Monoxide is scary stuff!

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Just went to my local Calif. hardware store looking for wood preservative. The stuff I used for yaers is no longer available - I bought the stuff they had and it's like plain water - I doubt it is worth any protection at all.

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I got a sample of the Superdeck/Duckback in the Cherry color and it is a pretty close match to the Cabot's ATO in Mahogany Flame when applied to Ipe. The Mahogany Flame has just a tad bit more orange in it which shows up on the lighter wood.....but not enough to really be that obvious. I did sample it on a piece of white paper also and you can really see the difference in colors there and the Superdeck pretty much dried right away, whereas the Cabot's ATO is still wet, and I tested it about an hour ago; so the consistency is definitely different in that Cabot's probably has more oils in it, which I guess is why it is no longer available in California.

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Yo Calico, its not the oils its the solvent, the alternative life stile monkey green mafia is going after the voc. The traval agent.

Sierra, I cant belive no one got on to the " Ban Water " thing that is sooooo funny. These left wing reverse position persons( I had to change my wording) will sign Anything!!! J.

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Here's an explanation for why California sucks so much in this regard: A certain percentage of people are stupid...really, really stupid. The percentage of these really stupid people are evenly distributed. We'll just throw out a figure of, say 5% of all the people in the world fall into this category of "really stupid"

Now take the entire population of CA, over 30 million, and look at how densely concentrated the people live. 5% are really stupid, so sometimes there are over one million stupid people together in one place at the same time. Stupid come in all types and from various backgrounds, but they all have the same idiotic behavior traits.

If anyone has ever read the "news of the weird" or the "Darwin Awards" you are basically reading obituaries of this subset of the general population. Thank the Lord so many die trying. But unfortunately not enough. Some live long enough to try painting and general home maintenance.

So here's my point: stupid people here in CA f*kked up the environment by pouring solvents down the drain, in the storm drain, or on the ground. Their numbers were so strong we could not fight them off. They kept pouring because they didn't die. The solvents did not hurt the stupid at all! More and more stupid people kept coming. It was at a tipping point, the entire state was drowning in stupidity. The waters were polluted. So we elected the remaining stupid people into office and they made laws to protect us from them.

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If you are working with any hazardous material(s), common sense dictates to work with them safely including self protection and dispose of them properly. There are plenty of drop off points these days. Banning oil based sealers isn't going to solve anything, it's up to the individual user to do the right thing. Stupidity wrecks it for everyone!

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J.Hyatt: Hey John, thanks for the info on the voc. You helped me with some issues on the construction of my deck back in 2005. It's still standing and I'm keeping up with the maintenance......guess I'm one of those "stupid" DIY homeowners that hasn't died off in California yet....although one with common sense that knows how to dispose of hazardous material.

Aidan: Sounds like you might be an environmentalist.

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If Aidan is one of those,I hope there are many more like him coming up the ranks.

Cal,your by no means one of the group we are talking about. Good show with your project!!! J.

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Its not California its again the Big Oil who controls the distribution market and auto makers.

Flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs) are designed to run on gasoline or a blend of up to 85%
FFVs have been produced since the 1980s, and dozens of models are currently available. Since FFVs look just like gasoline-only models, you may have an FFV and not even know it. To determine if your vehicle is an FFV, check the inside of your car's fuel filler door for an identification sticker or consult your ownerÂs manual.

Natural gas version
Other big automakers, like Ford Motor Co., plan to start selling Brazilian flex-fuel cars this year. And GM recently upped the ante on fuel choice for Brazilians, offering a flex-fuel car that also runs on natural gas, widely available at the pumps in BrazilÂs biggest cities.

But mass exports of flex-fuel cars arenÂt likely in the near future, because no other country has an alcohol fuel production and distribution system as advanced as BrazilÂs. Virtually all the countryÂs service stations offer alcohol.

Other nations like the United States are promoting a fuel mix consisting of 85 percent alcohol and 15 percent gas, but experts say it will take years  if not decades  for true flex-fuel cars to be sold outside Brazil.

Though technology exists to allow ethanol FFVs to run on any mixture of gasoline and ethanol, from pure gasoline up to 100% ethanol (E100),[12][13] North American and European flex-fuel vehicles are optimized to run on a maximum blend of 15% gasoline with 85% anhydrous ethanol (called E85 fuel). This limit in the ethanol content is set to reduce ethanol emissions at low temperatures and to avoid cold starting problems during cold weather, at temperatures lower than 11 °C (52 °F).[14] The alcohol content is reduced during the winter in regions where temperatures fall below 0 °C (32 °F)[15] to a winter blend of E70 in the U.S.[16][17] or to E75 in Sweden[18] from November until March.[19] Brazilian flex fuel vehicles are optimized to run on any mix of E20-E25 gasoline and up to 100% hydrous ethanol fuel (E100). The Brazilian flex vehicles are built-in with a small gasoline reservoir for cold starting the engine when temperatures drop below 15 °C (59 °F).[20] An improved flex motor generation was launched in 2009 which allowed to eliminate the need for th

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See man thats all fine for new rides. Take a big ol look around your local USA freeway how old are 80% of those cars/trucks.A 1980 or a 2009 motor is completley untested using anything but gas not to mention 85% alcohol Exactly what is the plan for junking all the cars/ trucks/motorcycles on the planet when they wont start. As well as just changing out one exaust gas for another. And of course there is no $ saved runing alcohol it puts out less power so it takes more of it so it cost more to do less.

A big thumbs up to Brazil they have a lot of sugar good for them they also dont have a lot of roads, and nat gas is easy to convert. Dont even get me started on the nat gas they are still flairing right here in Oil land including a pipe thats been burning a couple of blocks from my house sence 83.

No one controls anything that kind of thiking is in the stupid people %5 area and has nothing to do with Decks or Deck finish.

Go sign a paper baning Water larry. J.

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I spent 2002-2008 sitting in a tree in Berkeley....What's YOUR contribution!

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My apprentiship was under Eull Gibbons,(some of you might remember that guy!), and found that eating the chrome off of a '58 Buick wasn't all that bad. Course you had to down lots of water in the process which is now being banned, so it's a no go no mo'!

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Its a funny world Boys. J.

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