prayer request for my youngest son.

vicky4x4July 18, 2007

Last night my son, Caleb was out playing basketball in the driveway and got a wasp sting. It swelled up and I gave him benadryl. This morning it was MUCH worse. I sent him off to swimming lesson with a friend and then took him to his piano lesson. His piano teacher took one look at him and said that I need to take him to the dr right away. I had been there once this morning for me already once so I called and they said to bring him right over. HE has an infection and his eye is close shut now. Poor boy! Just pray it doesn't get any worse because she said to take him to the ER if it gets any worse. He is on an antibiotic.


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Vicky, I hope he's better soon! My DH is allergic to stings and usually Benadryl works okay, but he has to be careful.


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Oh !! POOR BABY !!!!!

Hope it gets better soon!!

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If he's developed an allergy he'll get an epi-pen. DH had a bad reaction 2 summers ago and now carries one in his 'medicine' bag. His fore arm swelled up so much that he looked like Popeye./

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You know I asked for an epi-pen for him today and the dr told me he didn't need one. If you could just see the little guy. It was a terrible reaction so I thought for sure he would need a pen but she said no??? Leaves me questioning if we need another dr.


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Well if he has infection in his eye he doesn't need epi-pen.
I hope he's better soon!

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