Composite decking recall

brooklyndecksMay 16, 2009

No big surprise. This is why I deck with real wood.

see link.


Here is a link that might be useful: Recall

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Your so right Steve!! I have some freindley compation over here that was pitching weatherbest really strong for several years. I bet they look just peachy right now. J.

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LP has been in trouble with other products as well. They had a siding that was press board with a paper veneer that caused many lawsuits yet they still keep trucking. Why?

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The WB decking material I saw looked like that as well almost like paper pressed on.

The anwser Sierr is on this site. Look at all the Folks pawing at the ground to use the latest,and untested,manmade material. They buy into the hype completly with out thinking it through.

I had one guy mail me from this site not wanting Timber Tech earth wood because he thought it would scratch up so he was thinking trex solid plastic. Here is TT with a long track record of good product and taking care of the Customer but because of total hype he wants a Co that has done nothing but screw the Customer from day one with product and attitude. J.

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