Best way for a new patio

kahlanneMay 20, 2012

We have come to a point where we need to do something with our existing patio. The original portion of the house is an L shape and the sunroom addition changed it to a U shape. (Sunroom was already added before we bought home.) The sunroom was installed on a slab that is the same height as the original house leaving the original patio a step down from both. The fact that patio was never leveled correctly wasn't an issue until new raised slab blocked one long side or so it appears. It slopes slightly toward the east (where sunroom is) and has a more pronounced dip in the north east corner (approx. a 6' long by 4' in the corner by the house and sunroom). The area is 24'X 15' with no cracks. It was actually poured in a grid fashion with 2" gaps between each square which they laid stained boards in these gaps. Each block is approx 6'X6'.

We have more than enough area to raise the patio but would need to do it as inexpensively as possible while still being nice. We have considered removing the patio but do to its location, it is difficult to get trucks/equipment in the area and is very expensive. We discussed decking over but cost and upkeep is an issue. We know little about concrete work other than the slab we did for a shed. Could we raise the portion of the slab in question and then stain it all? The only portions need raised is one large block and portion of another. Or would it be better to try to lay concrete pavers in a sand or pea gravel bed? If so, how do we go about that? Any other thoughts?

Fwiw, we are in south Louisiana so there isn't extreme hard freezes.

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