New gang initiation

grammypJuly 11, 2007

A friend of ours who is a night supervisor for our police department has let us know about a new gang initiation in our area. It may not be new to some of you, but is around here. They have to kidnap a white woman from a gas station, rape and beat her to death. When a woman goes in to pay for her gas, they sneak into the car and hide. When she drives off they kidnap her. Last week one was stopped when a man saw the boy sneak in the car and stopped the woman inside and called the police. Another was seen on camera by the store employee who called the police and kept the woman inside. One was actually kidnapped and beaten, but managed to get away. I always use a station I can pay at the pump and keep all my doors locked. It drives DH nuts, but I can rest a little easier knowing they will have to work harder to get into my car.


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Thank you for letting us know this !!
Whats this world is coming to!!

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We live about an hour from Savannah so of course since this is a small town we get the news from there. They have denied having a gang problem for many years so as not to scare away the tourist. Now they can't.
The first of the year there was a gang war and about 20 members were killed. They also have drive by shootings.
Even in this small town I buy gas during the day and I always lock my car when driving and when I get out of it. I also keep my doors locked at home at all times. If I don't know who you are when I look outside the 'peep hole' in my door the door stays closed.
I don't think we can ever over do being careful.

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What area is this Beverly? I hate to be cynical, except I am cynical by nature. There's a report on about this in Dalton, GA but it is false.

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This story also shows up in,, and

We should certainly be aware of our surroundings and take appropriate measures for our safety, but stories like this are like campfire stories: designed to scare.


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Every month, sometimes every week, there is something in the San Diego paper about the gang-related killing of a young person (usually a young man) or teenager, and often the family say he had nothing to do with gangs. Someone in a gang was looking to kill someone for fun, or to get a reputation, or it was a case of mistaken identity.

It's so awful to read about these crimes. They are usually not in our immediate neighborhood and most of the time the crimes take place in the middle of the night, but not always. I always keep my car doors locked, even while I am standing right beside the car putting in gasoline, and we keep our doors locked at home, too. By the way, it is a good idea to lock the door between the kitchen and the garage, as well. Keep safe, all!

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I used to work with a guy who was pretty slight of build. One night his car was at a stop lite and a guy in gang clothes just jumped in his car and held him at gunpoint and told him to drive.

He believed it was a gang initiation and the guy was going to kill him. He said his emergency brake did not work and the guy was huge and barely fit in his car so at a red light he let the car keep rolling and he opened the door and dove out while the guy was trying to get his car to stop.

He said that he knew your chances of survival are better if you can get out of the car, even if they have a gun. I've read the same thing.

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Over the years I have heard almost identical stories from all over the country. When I have checked them out the have always been false. There is almost always a racial over tone. They are ugly and should not be passed around unless you have really verified them.

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This story has shown up many times over the years on the urban legends page. It isn't true. There is always a racial overtone and the woman is always portrayed as needing a man to help her. Colleen

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Well where I live it has happened but the lady was at an ATM yes it was racial it usually is here. She was a white woman with 3 little kids at home and they were 3 black punks in their late teens trying to impress their gang. They took her money, raped her and burned her car. One got the death penelty and the other 2 got life. They should have all have gotten the death penalty but instead they will live on death row for years to come. Dont get me started.

I am so sick of the polictical correct crap. The black on black crime is awful and unless you speak up about it nothing will change.


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There are many stories like this that are urban legends, but killings and rapes as gang initiations DO take place. (And is probably where the urgan legends come from.) As well opportunistic gang killings that are not part of an initiation.

I did a google on "Gang initiation killing" and found TONS of articles. Many on the "urban legends" but just as many on real rapes and murders that took place. I hear news on this type of thing FREQUENTLY on the radio when I'm driving in Southern Ca.

In the stories I read about the real crimes, it seems where they had to kill a particular "type" of person it was someone like a "police officer" as opposed to a "white woman."

There is, of course, a racial component to this in the fact that gangs are almost always self-segregated racially. But gangs are not limited to any particular race. (Here in southern Ca the Ssouth American gangs are particularlly viscious and notorious.) I have not read about gangs picking victims by race (Not that I usually read up on this topic...) but racism is obviously a component of their organizations.

We live in a very tame, newly built, family oriented area with, as far as I know, no crime. The other night I was awakene at 4:24 in the morning to the sound of gun shots not far away. I heard about 7 shots fired altogether, and later sirens. It was VERY disturbing and I felt very vulnerable. I wondered what it would be like to live some place where that was a common occurrence. (I'd leave.)

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Nanci,not to sound bad.. I don completely disagree wit ya point of view but dis type of crap can happen to anyone anywhere gangs aint jus black ppl and violence aint jus dealin wit black on black crime...if ppl wanna stop somethin they gon have ta speak up bout da crime ..violence,and da gangs all togetha...cuz its more than jus race here.. check da history books before you say somethin u got no clue bout

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