Say goodbye to the sofa and love seat yea!

redpennyJuly 17, 2007

Well at last I have cleared out the sofa and love seat I had in my livingroom....the thrift store picked it up this morning,,,had to wait almost 2 weeks for their pick up date..but at last it is gone....They had a really hard time trying to take those pieces out the front door LOL....

They said wow this set is really heavy and LARGE hehehehe LOL............................................

I thought to myself yep that is why it's out the door...

DH was starting to have second I am so GLAD they were here this morning....Dh is going to paint and I can fix this room up!


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Good for you! We had accumulated a lot of junk on our screen porch and one day I told DH I was calling the Got Junk people to come get it. Of course he had all these reasons why we were keeping this stuff, but I told him it had been there forever and I was sick of looking at it. The junk guys took care of it in 30 minutes!


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Yep know what that heavy stuff is...have an antique (1936) sofa & chair...very heavy, very big. We always chuckle when we are shopping and maybe look at something...first thing we it heavy?

It is always nice to get something new once in a while. What are you going to do with those nice covers you bought for your sofa & love seat that matched your wall hanging? I am happy for you.

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I bought the slipcover for a loveseat I have that I am going to use....and wallhanging....will match...I had to get rid of that loveseat and sofa I Had to redo this room.
I am so happy I always hated that sofa and loveseat....
Now to get rid of the coffee table and end table which Dh agrees...........

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Isn't it great to make progress??? I'm so happy that your plans are now in motion.

My biggest smile came when the Rescue Mission came to get my old couch...and it was a sofa bed! that thing weighed a TON...I really did feel sorry for the guys though that had to lug it out...and when they were just out the door, when they tilted it to turn the corner on the porch, the bed slid out...they did some fancy dancing to keep their balance!

What color are you painting the walls? It's really exciting following along with your one of those shows on HGTV..."Red's Room Makeover"! lol

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