Were did it go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

redpennyJuly 22, 2007

I am so MAD I bought "YOU KNOW WHO" a brand new bottle of Calcium pills and a brand new box of bandaids..2 days ago I bought Calcium pills yesterday I bought the bandaids NOW they are no were to be found...............I handed her the bandaids yesterday with her bodaywash.....this morning she wakes me up to tell me she doesn't have the bandaids...I was still MAD from last night when I went to fix all her pills that the Calcium pills were missing so thats 20.00 dollars down the drain...............what really has me HOT is that she said maybe I didn't buy them.........well that just set me in a rage...............I went and got the receipts I always save them to keep and eye on my fuel perks LOL....and I showed her and I said didn't I lay them on your bed yesterday along with all the other stuff I bought you that is on this receipt.....she said yes, so I said were are they......???????????????? I said the bandaids was the first thing I handed you........I am really MAD....

She doesn't know..............I searched everywere for them

I can't find neither.............

Then she had the NERVE to say I think people are playing games...........I told her NO ONE COMES IN YOUR ROOM but ME

to WAIT on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So if anyone is playing games you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right now I am soooooooo mad..............


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I'd be pretty HOT too! It sounds though as if she's slipping a little mentally. (Unless she's the one playing games...) But when people start to lose it they often try to cover by acting the way she is.

I have friends who recently had to more their 93 yr. old mother in with them. She is the SWEETEST woman on earth. Of course it's still very hard... Anyhow, this woman is so sweet and so gentle and always so appreciative and never a negative thought or word.


She's becoming very forgetful and confused and when she does she will snap at my friend (her daughter in law) and INSIST that someone has been "messing" with her, her things, etc. She will take phone calls and forget to give messages and insist it never happened. She will get angry and adamant that she never had conversations that they had just the day before.

It's hard on everyone and really sad.

Could You-know-who be going through some of that? And maybe it's hard to tell cause it blends in with her normal temperament?

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My dad had senior dementia and it is very hard for everyone. He knew things weren't right and he couldn't account for his money, lost his keys and would think people were stealing his stuff. When he couldn't remember something he would tell lies. He would hide stuff and say it was stolen.
At first I would question what he had done...but I found this was not the right thing to do...and the worst thing is to get angry at them which I also did at times. I tried to not let it upset me but it did...and mostly I felt very sad about it. I started reading everything I could find on dementia and it helped me be more compansionate.
Red, if your Mom is showing similar signs, start reading up on dementia....understanding what they are trying to cope with will help you cope. Hope today is better.

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I'm sorry your having a struggle with your mom. It's very hard. My sister was my mother's care giver as they both lived in NC. After a visit with them I took my sister aside and told her that she needed to place mom in a home because I seen my sister doing down right mean things to my mother. I also seen why, my mother wouldn't do for herself not one little bit. As hard as it was it was the best thing for her. She spent the last year and a half playing bingo and interacting with people, she even went on a day trip a few months before she died. At home mom just sat in front of the TV or stared at my sister.
I'm NOT saying you should place your mother somewhere. I'm just saying I can understand some of your frustrations. Take a walk or grab your loving husband and play a round of golf. I hope the missing things will turn up but if not just replace them, no since driving yourself batty over band-aids.


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It's not about the band-aids it's the fact she's playing games...I went back and searched her room and I counted the box of Band-aids she had in the box there were 9 the boxes I bought yesterday is for 10 so this has to be the new box..
as far as for the Calcium I have no idea what she did with the bottle..since I am the one that fixes all her pills....
I worked many years in Nursing with the elderly and I do know when someone is trying to manupliate which she is always trying to do.......She is capable of doing much more then she does............. that is her normal temperament
I am sorry Vicky that your sister was mean to your Mom...I don't know what she did to her but sometimes what may seem mean may not be mean at all!......
If I didn't do the things I did to get her were she is today she would of been dead..........she has gone from a vent and trach and Gt tube,,,,,to living a normal everyday like us..........which the nursing homes and hospitals wanted to pull the plug..............I am not mean to her but I do make her do things............I have her make her own breakfast and Lunch....she is capable of doing that....I did it for her over a year and her Dr. said she is cable and needs to be doing things...she didn't like it but she is doing it! She doesn't have a lot of things to do but I do except her to make her bed and clean her table off that she eats on...I also want her to dust her TV off once a week. That is her only chores............... she has all day to do that..and instead of always sitting in front of the TV I do everything else....she has never been very social........

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Red, we certainly aren't critizing your care of your mother....we just understand how hard it can be some days....Hugs

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