above ground pools below ground- really?

mrshanson1April 30, 2011

Hi! I am new to this. I was watching on DIY network on the show King of Dirt that they fixed a backyard in Staten Island of an above ground pool that was built underground. I live in Boston, MA.

Can anyone give me feedback about this? I have two young boys that are dying for a pool. I cannot afford a gunite pool (my yard is small too). I know there are fiberglass pools. Do people really put an above ground pool below ground? Does anyone know what this costs? Does your taxes go up?

Thank you


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I saw that same episode and wondered as well! Looked like it worked out ok for them! Fiberglass pools can be costly so an above ground placed in ground I'd think would be less expensive. Hopefully we'll hear from the experts!

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There are a couple manufacturers that allow partial below grade installation. By partial, I mean less than two feet.

There is not enough strength when the water level goes below grade to hold the fill back, Walls often get pushed in.

Drainage needs to be addressed. Uneven percolation can cause washouts. Washouts equal blown out liners.

Township engineers, if they catch you, will likely make you remove it.


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Search "on ground" pools. A couple companies make them. Doughboy...Amish Country maybe Fox.... s poolguynj says, they are not completely in the ground.

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MrsHanson, we have an above ground pool which we put inground in 2005. It is not one of the brands which are designed for inground, however, we decided to take the risk and see what happened.
Since installation, we have invested a 10 foot aggregate surround around the pool. We know that when the liner goes, so goes the entire pool because it will collapse. We had a leak in the liner two years ago, and a great deal of water was leaked, but fortunately, my husband was able to find the leak and patch it.
Ours sticks out above the ground about one foot.
Keeping our fingers crossed for this year! But, we feel seven years has given us great return on the investment. I will be happy to post a picture of it if you would like, we just took the cover off for summer and it appears a little green, but when clear, it's a beautiful crystal clear blue pool! I will look up the brand as well if you are interested. It's 33x18, and was very inexpensive.
Hope this helps! and good luck

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Hi susied3
I'd love to see a pic of your pool! Looking forward to it!

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