Step markers/lane markers in pools. Out of style?

banana_fannaApril 10, 2011

If not required by code, are people still putting them in pools?

If you're a builder, especially of high end pools, are your customers opting out of markers if not necessary?

On one hand I like the way some of them look - they can break up large areas of pebblesheen on big shelves and steps. They add a little visual interest in areas that can look kind of 'flat'.

But...are step and lane markers "OLD SCHOOL"? Are they the hair "scrunchies/banana clips" of the pool scene? At one time popular but now considered out of fashion?

I have a 48' swim lane that I'm staring at and wondering if I should put in a maker line of 2x2s. Yes, I do have trouble swimming in a straight line. But will I be sorry if I add these? What're the trends???

Below is an example of step markers that I think add to the step area. I think it looks better WITH than WITHOUT. But what do I know? I still wear my bell bottoms...


Here is a link that might be useful:

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing bell-bottoms while swimming laps in your marked lanes.

Seriously, it is your pool, and your not in jr. high anymore. Who cares what is cool, do what you want.
Sounds like you want the lanes marked so go for it.

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Wear those bell bottoms and put in your lanes if you like them.

I dont see many of my customers using trim tile on steps and benches anymore (more specifically in Pebbletec pools). Mainly because the clarity of the water is so good, there is no mistaking where the steps and benches are. Back in the day, trim tile was helpful in marking the step edge for visual purposes. So unless there are elderly or very young children using the pool, we dont put in trim tile by default (unless of course its requested)

Swim lanes are different, if you are a serious lap swimmer, then by all means, put in a lane.

But like texasdad says, Its YOUR pool, do whatever you like best.


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I on the fence right now making the same decision.
My PB is going to give me some excess tile that he has (that I like) but I'm still waiting for the labor quote. Perhaps that will make the decision for me.
I've only got a 40' swim lane that is diagonal across an L-shaped pool, and I'm worried about getting lost.
DH is thinking along the lines of spot step and bench markers instead of strips, so that would mean 3x3 or 4x4 glass tiles arranged in squares maybe 6" apart. gotta think that through still. (The glass tiles are about 3/4" squares - individually, you wouldn't be able to see them)

I like the example ithe link you posted, but it's a lot bolder than I'd like with lots of steps and benches.

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