Why not to clean the top of the ceiling light

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLJuly 17, 2009

I go to bed around midnight last night...up at 3...back to bed at 5, up at 6 to use the bathroom....the ceiling light 'pops' out (there are 2 bulbs in it and one had been out for awhile). No problem, leave the door open as the toilet and shower are separate from the sink and closet area and it's off the bedroom. 9am I get up and DH leaves to take DGD to her 3 hour dentist appt. I can do this, I've changed those light bulbs before. Get the kitchen step-stool which takes me 2 feet off the floor (remember I'm 4'10"). Get the big round glass thing off, down the step-stool, get back up to take the burned out bulbs out, back down and get the new bulbs, back up and put them in, back down to get the round glass thing/cover. Get it back on and in doing so feel all the dust and grime from however many years it's been since I cleaned up there. So, back down to get a cleaning rag, back up and starting to wipe it off with dust things falling in my hair etc and I'm yucking away (I am not a morning person!). So I'm reaching and stretching holding onto the light fixture and thinking, why am I doing this? There is nobody in my family 8' tall! So, figure I'd done enough. While holding onto the light fixture, and trying to find the step down, the thing falls out of the ceiling and is hanging there by the wires! No problem, DH can fix that when he gets home and I'll hold the flashlight for him. So, I took the glass round cover back off (was really proud of myself for thinking of doing it for DH) and was out the door. Oh, maybe I'll close the door so the AC will have it all nice and cool in there for him (proud of me again). I grab the door handle and pulling the door closed behind me, I hear a thunk, clammer, clink......yep, I hit the hanging by the wires ceiling fixture. I think it's ok....I didn't hear anything hit the floor but I'm not going back in to find out!

Soooooo, how did your day start?


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my day didn't start in as exciting of a way as yours did! Had a stiff neck so decided I needed to get a new pillow. DH took me to Wally World. A first for me (not him) to be there by 7:15 a.m. Almost forgot what I was there for!

Hope there is light again for you!

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At Wally World by 7:15am???!!! No wonder you almost forgot why you were there! LOL I am not a morning person!!! Unless it's planned the day before or an emergency, I'm very rarely out of the house before 10 or 11. Hope the pillow was helpful for your neck.

The fixture is repaired and appears to be firmly into the ceiling. I was holding a flashlight in each hand with arms raised way high trying to shed light on whatever he was doing with those wires up in that hole. Good thing he's a good handyman! He told me the next time I needed a light bulb changed to let him know! HA! It wasn't changing the light bulb that caused the problem! Anyway, I got it cleaned and probably won't be doing that again. ever! I don't get into near as much trouble while at the sewing machine. @:) I think it's a sign......


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I am not a morning person either!
Homes can be such a pain. My house pains and woes have been the AC for 6 months. Compressor was making a noise in February, repairman came out after a 5 day wait.
He said the freeon was low and topped it off. He didn't bother to find out WHY it was low.
The weather gets HOT and the AC stops blowing cool air. Call the repairman and it will be 5 days before he can come out. We called a local repairman and the next morning he came and told us the coils have a leak, added more freeon.
When the OTHER repairman came out 5 days later he said everything looks OK. I now understand why some people shoot others LOL!!!
We told him we had someone look at it and the coils are damaged. He was not happy about that and was rude.
It has been 2 months and we have not heard from him. The AC unit is under warranty and after it is repaired his company is going to get a 3 page document advising them why I will never use them again and they will be reported to BBB.
The other 3 pages will go to the company we have our house contract with. What should have cost $60 and been repaired in Feb has cost us $200 and is still not repaired.
I'm not pleased with either!!
Don't ask about the new TV that was damaged, or my iron burning out and ruining my 2 blocks.
Other that that it's a great day LOL!!!!!!!!!!

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Oh Rosa! You've really been through it. It's difficult finding someone you can trust to take care of things. It tooks us a few years but we finally have someone for the AC and just recently, for the well/water system. Get your fingers working on that letter and let your voice be heard!


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Don't know how I missed this thread. I'm not a morning person either. I don't think anyone should be out of bed before 7. Unfortunately I think I am in the minority. I don't do step stools or ladders either. It is a big joke around the house. Rosa, I think you may be able to force them to complete the repairs for the original $60 if you pushed the issue. We have been through the AC thing this summer too, ended up with a new unit. Our people are really great, come the same day you call them. But they don't work for a home warranty company either.


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Yup, not a morning person either. Just happened to marry one, though.
New pillow works great. I think we probably all put up with worn out ones for too long!
Hope everything mechanical is working for everybody by now,
PS It was peaceful there - WalMart- but I don't know if I'll go early again anytime soon.

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The ceiling fan blades need cleaning....


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Today we did our 8 mile bike ride at 6:50 to 7:40. Had to "get r Done" before the heat hit us...it was so muggy out there. I did not want to go, but we did. School traffic is heavy with the start of school..so we'll take a different route next time. Coffee, read the newspaper, checked the email and off to the sewing room for me and the garage (with fans blasting) for DH who is turning Christmas ornaments. He is having too much fun! Baby quilt blocks are done and in rows and borders are cut, just auditioning inner border...baby's Mom plans a c-section on Monday. Nothing like last minute quilting...

Sharon let the dust on the fan blades GO. Applaude you for attempting the light bulb!


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Gwen!!!! You were out of the house before 7am???? and 8 miles? What's happening here? Rob and Tim plan to bike while you and Beverly are sewing? Or are all 4 of you going to be biking? I can't leave the house before I wake up...that's just a given. But, I'm proud of you.

I completed a small lattice quilt top today and made a doll quilt top. I'm sooooo bad about completing them!

Sharon (fan blades still not cleaned and nobody cares)

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This is too funny! I always forget to check conversations ... I am not a morning person either which is a real problem being a teacher! I now have to leave the house about 7:00 a.m. ... just got the dog so she would stop waking up at 5:30 a.m. all summer and now we're back to that rotten routine! I managed to "clean" the light bulbs on the strip above the bathroom mirror ... note to self, DON'T USE A DAMP PAPER TOWEL WHEN THEY ARE HOT! The stupid thing exploded and glass flew all over the bathroom! After a few words of blessing (ya, right) I managed to get all the glass cleaned up and decided next time to just change the light bulbs and let them be dirty until they burn out!

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