The Chicken pic I was trying to get!

suellen_delawaresJuly 23, 2007

I was trying to take pictures of some of the chickens walking around with mud on their feet and

legs up to the feathers. LOL (those are rooster feet)They love the mud.

Every time I put my right arm up with the camera the HENS would jump up and roost on my arm (with the camera) and my shoulder. If you can't beat them join them so I took pictures of the hens roosting on me.


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That's a great pic! I wish you had had someone there to take a complete pic of you. I love chickens! Do you know why they like the mud so much?

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Hmmm...hens that are hams! ROFL...
Great pix!

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I know I go on and on about my animals they are my children since I don't have any. These pictures were taken in the winter after some snow melted. I would have thought it to cold. I was wrong. In the summer I run a hose in the chicken yarn to make mud. They come running out and just stand in it to get cooler. Part of what my hens do is scratch for bugs it is easier in the mud.

This hen is named Mo because one of the roosters bit off the back of her comb and she looks like she has a mohawk. I'm doing it again! going on and on. You can't tell that I love my animals can you.
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My DD and 2 DGD's have a zoo at home, literally!!!
They all love animals so much that they now have atarted a party business and it is doing very well.
Love your pics, you 'babies' are adorable!!!!!!

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My 9 year old niece won Grand Champion at the county fair, for her meat chickens. At the fair auction they sold for...are you ready for this????? $550.00!!!! The buyer gave them back to her. We are going to have some high class chicken and dumplings!!!


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