attached to wall or not?

jenie16May 27, 2010

I had two estimates on a deck, 16 x 16, pressure treated wood. Very basic. It would be against my outside brick wall. One wants to attach it to the wall. The other said because the wall is brick, it should not be attached. I have no clue which is the better way. Any help would be great. Oh, and the estimates, one was half the price of the other. Thank you ahead of time.

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For the most part brick is installed with wall ties, that is its not structure inclined.

Fastening to a verener in other words is not a good idea for a lot of reasons. If this is an upstairs projcet defentley do not do that. J.

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Thanks so much for your answer. One more question, the house is a brick rancher. The deck ht. would be 1 1/2 ft. from the ground. Will that make a difference as to attached or unattached?

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That low to the ground good chance the footing is extended past the brick line. Fasten to that.

When doing a project like that I tap con to the brick just to get grade then use the footings for bearing if none is there I provide my own.

Anyway I dont count on the brick for structure. J.

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Yeah, what John said. Make it free-standing. Ok to attach it to the brick, but don't use the brick for structure, like with a ledger board. That's against code. Ours is free-standing, and we left about a 1/2" gap away from the brick for drainage.

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Thanks for your replies. It helps!

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and if termites are a problem in your area you might consider doing some preventative measures

digging up the area around a foundation line can cause problems
we had them in our house and had Orkin do a whole house treatment--they always want to know if/when we are having work done along the foundation line--
even if it is digging out older plants and replacing them--

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