dryer vent in the way of where the deck is going to be built

nicmackMay 3, 2009

I am having the father-in-law install a deck for us this weekend. It will be a floating deck on deck blocks and just under 2' high. The problem is the dryer vent coming out the vinyl siding is at the exact height where the deck will be. The deck can't go above the vent as it would then be higher than the bottom of the patio door and back door, and it can't go below because then it would be too big of a step, especially if there were to be any space between the vent and the deck. The deck is going to be 20' x 12'. Any advice would be great! Thanks!

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Extend the dryer vent under the deck. J.

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Just notch out where the vent is on your rim joist, frame it up between your joists with a doubler & just put a pier on each joist on both sides of the vent. And notch decking board if needed also.

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