solar lights - how to turn them on

donnawApril 20, 2010

We're getting already for the summer pool season. I got some of the new solar lights from Sam's to light up the stairs to the pool. My son set them up and we don't have the instructions anymore. Does anyone know what we need to do to turn them on when they first come out of the box?

Alpan Stainless Steel Solar Lights - 6 pk.

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Usually you have to take the top off and click a little switch. Some have settings to "high" or "low" or could be either "amber" or "white" the middle setting is usually off......

Hope that helps!

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I've got an 18 pack that I bought at Sam's and the instructions said to put them in the sun for 3 solid days before turning the switch on in order to fully charge the batteries. Then, turn the switch on and they should be good from there.

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And usually there is a strip of plastic between the battery and the unit that has to be pulled for contact between the metals.

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