My view Now- No brushfire- Pic

suellen_delawaresJuly 16, 2007

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers for the firefighters and me. My friends (firefighters) are ok. I won't have to worry about them until the next fire. Here are some pictures from my home now without the brushfires on the mountains.


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Ok Suellen, I am coming to Utah and pitching my tent out there where the critters are. They won't mind would they? :) You have a beautiful spot on this earth and I am so happy that the fires stayed away from you. Rebecca

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What a gorgeous view! It looks so peaceful in these pictures. I'll bring the RV and put it next to the tent.

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Which critters would like to be near? Dogs, goats, chickens or an occasional Antelope? It is peaceful here. We live on 20 acres and our closest neighbors are half a mile away. We moved here from Los Angeles. We have both lived in small towns in IA and NH and we wanted to get back to that life. Paragonah, Utah Thanks again for your concern and prayers. Also the wonderful comments about my backyard view.


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Wow, gorgeous pictures. I am glad to hear that the fires are out. Such a different terrain from where I live!
Kelly - NH

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Looks like you live in God's country. Just gorgeous and I'm so glad the fire are out.

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So glad you and the firefighters are safe!

What georgeous sights. I thought the first pic was a rainbow but realized maybe not. Explain to a south Louisiana gal, please.

Years ago my sister lived in Colorado. My one trip to Utah was just across the line so I could say
I'd been there. :)


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Can I come live with you? What a beautiful view you have. I'm glad everyone is ok.


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I am also glad the firefighters are ok but I fear we are in for a bad fire season. Fires have started earlier in the year than usual.

Sally, you are right it is a rainbow.

Gerizone, I think this is God's country. My husband and I had been looking for over a year for a small town to move to from Los Angeles. We stopped in Cedar City UT for the night. I believe God was showing off because he showed me a view that was so beautiful that I was speechless and had an incredible sense of peace. We knew that we had found our new home.

Kelly, My husband is from NH. He is going back for a family reunion mid august. I'm staying here I have family coming in at the same time as his reunion. Besides that we havenÂt' been able to find someone to take care of all our animals. Is it true that the mosquito is the state bird?


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On my way from Eugene, OR, to Steamboat Springs, CO to San Antonio, TX, we saw a ton of smoke.

I've never seen such fires before, so I took pictures.

So, happy to hear that you're safe and that your friends are safe.

~ Kit

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