Can You REALLY Cover an Aggregate Patio with Concrete

JPEllisMay 2, 2012

We just bought a house where the builder put an aggregate patio on the back and the next owner installed a pool with a regular concrete surround. We'd like to have it all match, plus the aggregate hurts our feet when barefoot. We've had a couple of quotes where they say they can coat over the aggregate (Cool Deck type of material) and match it all but i can't find anywhere on the web that confirms that it won't chip or peel. I hear also that it's all in the way it's installed and that they must use a 3 stage process to insure a good bond.

Does anyone have any suggestions or experience that this will work? There are so so so many products and i'm having a hard time trusting the sales pitch without an unbiased confirmation.

Thank you so much!

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