decorative wood hoods, a logistical question

belle_vaMarch 12, 2013

As you all know I REALLY want a decorative wooden hood. I am open about the shape- it could be a boxy shape with a mantel type feature or something with a more of a lyrical curve. (fluted. wider at the bottom and narrower at the top.) Problem: We currently have a corner cabinet next to the range. And a window on the other side of the range. (So it can't be the kind that must connect between two cabinets.) I get that it would not function correctly with a corner cabinet- though I had to draw it for myself to understand- but is there some obvious solution I am just missing?

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Open shelf in the corner.

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Thanks. That is what I was thinking but wondered if I was missing something. I do feel some open storage would be nice. I am having a hard time visualizing it in our space and should probably just sketch it out.

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