Best deck sealer in retail store?

atdevMay 1, 2013

What is the best deck sealer I can buy from either Lowes, Home Depot, or Sherwin Williams?

A lot of the sealers I see recommended are not available locally and have to be ordered. I only need 2 gallons so the shipping costs make it not worth ordering online, so I need something I can get locally.

I thought about the Cabots Australian Timber Oil but it appears their formula changed recently due to EPA standards and being bought out. Any suggestions?

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I like Sikkens brand and it should [probably be available in a BM dealer.

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I recently discovered a local paint store starting carrying ReadySeal 2 months ago. This seems to get good reviews and recommended on this forum as well. I'll follow up on how it works. They also carried Sikkens. Finally found a place that stocks brands no where else did.

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The Consumer's Report magazine that I received today has rated the deck sealers. Home Depot's Behr's sealer was number one for one kind of sealer. That is what I plan to use.

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Consumer Reports is not an unbiased source. I would not use anything Behr even for free on a dog house.

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Consumer Reports gets their information from surveys with their customers who take the magazine. I have filled out many surveys from them. I have used their reviews on many things and have been very happy with my purchases.

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Ok, then use the Behr products and please report back what it looks like in a year. Consumer Reports is a farce in my and many other peoples opinions but......

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I read this post looking for a great deck stain myself. We own our house for 5 years and the deck has previously been stained with Behr products so we continued to use the same brand and color. However, the stain we use (Behr Premium transparent stain) is very disappointing. It has to be reapplied every year even though it should last for 4 years and I do not want to do this work anymore. Last year we wanted to "upgrade" to their semi-transparent stain for longer lasting coverage (6 years as per description) but the color is very different from the transparent (both redwood - the transparent dark red, the semi-transparent bright orange!).
I do not want to work on the deck stain every year, so I am looking for a longer lasting stain or paint, too.
Would applying polyurethane make sense?

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In our last house my husband used a stain/sealer that he had used on a teak deck for a sailboat. It worked great and lasted a few years. I wish I knew what it was. My husband has passed away so I can't ask him. It was expensive but worth it.

You might look in a marine store and see if they have any ideas.

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