Please comment on kitchen style

ebseMarch 14, 2009

What do you think of this kitchen? It is more or less the look we are going for:


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It's a nice look. Not too unique lately, which could be a plus or minus, depending on your point of view. It's bright and airy, elegant, and what might be kind of cold is made warmer by the wood floors. I love the countertop choice and the backsplash tile behind the stove. It's a softer take on the classic white that usually has dark counters. I usually don't like islands that aren't rectangular, but I could really like that one. The layout seems to make sense, and it has wonderful dish storage by the cleanup sink.

Things I don't like:

1) The stove is crowded in by the things that go down to the counter. They look neat, but I don't think they'd work neat. Moving things off the stove, the use of items on the counter to add to what you're cooking, and arrangement of pot and pan handles would be made difficult.

2) I think there's a corner counter 'cave' to the right of the fridge...dark and not very usable.

But the second has to do with layout rather than style, so is probably irrelevant to this discussion.

Little things:
I'm not crazy about the heavy looking corner cabinet that holds the TV, the molding above the short granite backsplash, and I like squared edges on the counter, rather than the fussier edge on the island. --Personal preferences.

I'm not sure if this is what you were hoping for, but I hope it helps.

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I love the kitchen especially the choice of granite with the white cabinets. I agree with rhome, I don't care for the edge on the island's granite. The island is terrific with the large curve. What I don't care for is the choice of subway tiles behind the range. It calls for something special in there--it looks bland. Well, my 2 cents.

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As a jumping off point it has some nice elements. As a finished room it feels very conservative and safe. Not a very inventive or creative mix of materials and virtually no individual touches that might give the space more personality. If I had to guess it looks like it was executed just as it was drawn out by the designer. I don't know why this sprung to mind but it seems like the perfect kitchen for the mother in Ordinary People.

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I think it's a beautiful kitchen. I would be proud to own such a pretty space. If it's what you're looking for, who cares if it's ordinary? Even though I'd call that kitchen anything but ordinary or plain or dull. I'd use classy!Everyone's taste is different, that's what's so great about this forum. I'm planning my kitchen as we speak and though it will look completely different from this one, I still love it. And...mmm, that watermelon looks delicious! (Sorry, been packing boxes all day, I'm starving!)

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I agree with everything Rhome410 said. And the fussy counter edges would REALLY annoy me. I actually like the backsplash behind the range; it looks like they took a "hearth" look and put a bit of a modern twist on it. And I love the apron front sink--that sink has wow factor.

I personally don't like "feet" under kitchen cabinetry though I know it is a popular look. I always think about the dust bunnies and crumbs going under there, and it creeps me out.

For everyone's convenience, I am providing the direct link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to OP's Kitchen Inspiration Photos

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I dont know if you are wanting feedback on the layout or finishes, but I'll give you my take on a few things.

For some reason I dont like the granite color. I agree that the color palette in this kitchen is "safe". Its pretty, but doesnt wow me.

It does show a good example of a kitchen with creamy cabinets and white trim from what I can tell. Some people like to match the trim and some mix it up.

The rounded island has a good view of the TV and really everything else, so it could be a comfortable and popular spot.

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I think it's a beautiful kitchen. I agree about the granite edge--it just looks uncomfortable and fussy to me. I either love or could live with everything else.

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First always remember to do for YOU and not anyone else- you have to life with it and love it.

That said- I like it but I agree that it seems a bit dull/lifeless, needs a pop of something (maybe a different color wood on the island?)I also dont like the edge on the island

Personally dont love the island color- again seems sort of dull- but thats my taste-- if you love it- than go for it and just add color on the walls or island...

good luck

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Ditto rhome...colors are very soft and pretty, granite looks alittle like
coast green maybe. Also don't get the dark cave corner and a white
island with seating like that just makes me think of constantly cleaning
the foot scuffs if you have young ones. Maybe thats not a problem though.
Its a nice look you are going for, your personal touches will make it yours!

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Since I'm fixated on backsplash solutions these days, I found the one in this kitchen quite interesting. they've gone with a standar 4 inch-ish granite and then topped with very nice wood molding, which repeats the crown on the cabinets. Interest and nice.

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I would love to have a long expanse of space like that. I might want to see that white cabs broken up a bit with some other color though I know that might disrupt the serene feel they may be trying to accomplish. I like the shape of the island but kinda wish there were more windows and the island faced them instead of the butlers pantry. The hood treatment would make me feel too penned in at the stove.

I think I'm being nit picky here... it's a great kitchen that one should be proud to have. But I do also agree on the too fancy countertop.

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I pretty much like everything about that kitchen...except for the counter edge on the island, as others have mentioned. Just doesn't go and looks totally impractical (but then again, I have little kids and I can just imagine them setting their Juicy Juice down on the edge and it spilling every time!!)


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I like everything except the TV cabinet in the corner. The angled idea doesn't work. It would look much better with corner cabinets there.

It's a very expensive room - and looks it - but as others have said there's no real "pop" to it anywhere

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