'Our' First Date

nickisewsJuly 7, 2006

I took my son (13) and his girlfriend out on their first date last night. Dad couldn't come, he's too embarressing. We went to dinner, church, out for ice cream and did a little shopping. I could have cried about half the time...my baby is not a baby anymore. They held hands nearly the entire time. It was kind of cute. I'm not sure that this isn't too early, but, I guess as long as one of the parents is along (and close by) I'll keep my old-fashioned lips zipped. I guess I should feel honored I was the parent of choice. All four parents and the kids went to the fireworks together on the 3rd and then my son asked me to do this......It's hard to let them grow up....


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Awww. That's sweet.

I'm 19, and my dad still thinks I'm a little baby. It's good to see parents who are willing to let their kids grow up.

~ Kit

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It's also good to see parents that aren't willing to just take the kids somewhere and drop them off & leave them to their own devices! I'm glad you stuck with them, and it's a good sign that they anticipated that as well...good raporte.

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I don't feel 13 year olds should be 'dropped off' anywhere, much to their dismay at times. In this area so many people did just that, that the movie theatres made rules saying anyone under the age of 16 MUST be accompanied by a parent. He has to live with me for a few more years.


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Good for you Nicki. I went with mine till they were 16. If they wanted to go out of town after that I went along. Usually we acted like it was a double date DH & me, her and whoever. Wasn't real popular, but those were the rules. Sometimes we even went after that, just for the fun of it. I love to see parents who parent. Keep up the good work.


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Nicki, it's so sweet and what a compliment that your son asked you. Bet you feel very special.

Yeah, it's so hard to see them grow up. I long for the old days when the kids were in and out, doing this and that, laughing and talking, keeping me busy.

But now, they're older, still keep me laughing, and I've got the grandkids to dote on, and it reminds me just how precious those years are.

Lucky you!

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