banks have the worst hours

ironkitJuly 5, 2006

All this starts because I got an ear infection on Saturday and ended up in urgent care for antibotics instead of at work. I got paid on Friday, and needed to deposit my check. When I got my check on Monday (when I did work), I ran over to the bank on my break (before 5p) and the bank was CLOSED! Then, of course, bank is closed yesterday. But I just got back from driving by the bank again, after a dentist appointment, and they don't open until 9a! I decided instead of waiting 20 minutes, I would just drive home and go back later.

This really irritates me. I need to deposit these checks so they will clear before I leave for vacation. I shouldn't have to make FOUR trips to the bank to do this.

Okay. I'm done ranting now.

~ Kit

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Kit, I have started to use the night deposit box alot. I did try depositing at the ATM, but it takes a ridiculous amount of time to clear. With the night drop, it will be recorded soon after they open the next business day!
Beats playing the game!

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Lisa our bank is even worse. The night depository is just a holding service. You still have to come in the next day, request your deposit bag and then stand in line to deposit the money. When I was tresurer for the band I just took it home and went in on Monday and deposited it. I think I need to be a banker instead of a pharmacist.


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oh wow!!!! I guess I will feel blessed with what we have here in smallville Maine!
Good luck!

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Now you know where the expression "banker's hours" comes from!

How maddening. Is direct deposit an option for you?

I deposit through the ATM when it's convenient, but sometimes they take a full day or more to make the deposit and if I need that money to clear, it's not an option.

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Not only banks, but I wish retail stores would open earlier! I'm a morning person, and I think our bank, and the credit union do open at 8 (credit union even earlier, maybe) but I hate getting to the fabric shop, or retail store, and find they open at 9:30, or sometimes even 10:00 - by the time I've run my errands, shopped, etc. the day is half over, but that's just me, I guess. I know they open later, so they can stay open later hours in the evening, but dang, when I want to shop, I want to shop!!

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I agree Scraphappy. I am not a real early morning person, but I am up and going by 6:30 or 7 and at that hour the only places open are grocery stores and Wal-mart. If others would open early I could be thru with everything by 10, but nooooo that is when they open. By 10 I have started my yard work or sewing and really don't want to clean up to go to town.


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That's funny, Scraphappy, I wish the retail store I work at would open later and close earlier! The store is open 9a-10p M-Sat and 10a-8p Sunday. It's havoc on ones sleep schedule.

No, direct deposit is not an option, unfortunately. The place I work for won't do smaller banks, and they've actually told me to switch banks - to one that royally screwed me over.

I guess life could be worse, I could not have a job, and I could not have the opportunity to go to the bank numerous times in one day... but it still irritates me. :)

~ Kit

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I'm with IronKit on this one! Late to bed, Late to rise...

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Our bank has a "branch" at the grocery store that has Saturday hours till 3 and Sunday hours too. Open during the week till 7. We picked the bank when we moved here because they had an ATM in my husbands 'office'. He is to lazy to go out and get money and I was sick of paying $3.00 on every $20.00 he took. Now it works out well because they have late hours, but for the most part they are in it to find a way to get our money....they are a business. I think they are designed to make it difficult. Bounced checks are big money makers........


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My Bank is a "branch" at the grocery is a nightmare they never open on time 10am have no help!
They know me quite well by Name..............LOL after I exploded from the poor service and almost started a riot and other customers agreeded and joined in with me what was so funny all the other customers were Senior Citizens hehehehe!

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I feel pretty lucky - all of our checks are automatically deposited now so I know when the money will be there.

My beef about some smaller businesses is when they are closed on Sunday. I always wonder at that. Most working folks have Saturday and Sunday off to do what they need to do...why close your store on one of the two days a week that the majority of working Americans have off? Then, to make matters worse - on the days that they are there - they open at 10am and close at there's no way I can get to their shop at all during the week. Then you manage to get in there on a Saturday, and clerks complain about "how busy it is on Saturdays". Well...DUH!

A couple of our local stores compensated for the bad hours by starting a "late Thursday" day. On Thursdays, both stores don't open till 12pm, and stay open till 8pm. I wish more shops would do that.

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When DH & I were first married he was working 90 hours a week. The store itself was open Monday through Saturday and four evenings, 10-9. The other hours he was doing repairs and/or commisions. There were customers who complained about those hours.

After his first angiogram, his daughters & I reduced his hours and eventually the store hours. I did a time study and found which hours and days were 'slow'. The one thing I tell anybody who runs a small store is to scheduale time for yourself. You can't please all the customers and if you burn yourself out it's just counter productive.

I've noticed as we travel that the hours vary a bit by local. Usually the hours correspond to when the majority of people are able to spend money. Tourist 'trap' areas have wonderful hours during tourist season - 7 days with long hours. By the end of the season the staff is tired.

I'm a morning person - up at sunrise. By the time the stores open I've done a days work if I so choose and going out is a break.

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We're pretty lucky in that our bank opens inside at 9 am and the drive thru's are open until 6 pm. We also have the best mail service and post office. I don't have one complaint.

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Well, I am an Oldie but a Goodie. I remember the days when banks opened at 10 am and closed at 3pm! No options for direct deposit, grocery banking, ATMs, etc. It was really tough to get paychecks deposited, you had to go on your lunch hour, which was a drag. Before retirement, DH actually liked to go to the bank to deposit!

Hope your town gets a better, more convenient banking system going!


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