Good Morning

nana24July 12, 2007

Good Morning everyone!!

In the months I've been coming to this forum, I've never come here and found nothing new. Hope everyone is doing ok. I'm like so many of you. When I get my DH off to work, I get my cup of coffee and come to see what is new. I was late this morning, putting a package together for a DGD but still no one here.

Went to all 3 areas still no one. Hopefully by the time this is posted there will be someone.

Hope everyone has an excellent day!!

Sally in south Louisiana

where it is already hot before 9 am.

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Hi, Nana: Still only 6:51 here, and cool. The marine layer of clouds often stays with us part of the morning, and the heat has been quite bearable. I check in every morning before my coffee, while DH is making fresh juice. When he brings me some juice, that is the signal to go make breakfast.

I check in to this forum so many times a day that I don't even count them. Gonna get in some serious work on that Peek-s-Boo today! Have a good day, everybody!

Jan in Southern California (8 miles from Mexico)

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Hi, Sally - I had a dentist appt. so I didn't get "in" till late! Jan, I'd love some of that cool! When I left home at 8:15 am it was 92. We also have about 100 percent humidity, which is like having a hot, heavy, wet blanket wrapped around you. And it's only the middle of July!

Donna in central FL

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Hi Sally , I checked in late too .
Been walking on the old treadmill so I try to get that done first .

Have a good trip to Tex.


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Good Morning Sally -
I too check in first thing every morning, usually with a Diet Coke. After a while DH and I have breakfast and then I check in again. I also can not count how often I come back throughout the day. I share with DH everything that is going on here and he knows several forum members by name.

We went to bed last night with the windows open and now we are freezing in our house. Both of us are wrapped in blankets. IÂm planning on pressing blocks this morning so I can warm up.

Have a wonderful day!!

Nina in the California Mountains

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well, good afternoon! lol.
I work during the day, so don't usually log on until around 7pm Eastern time. today, I stayed home to babysit my two grandsons. (hubby was supposed to, but MIL is in hospital, so he's there)
The kids came at noon, so from 7am until they arrived, I made a walker caddy for a friend who just had hip replaced.
Not what I should be working on...but it felt good being productive.

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Good Day all!!

I'm usually here frequently during the day. Stopped by this morning, but then decided to take the kids out. We played at the park before it got hot, then did lunch & played, then went to a movie. Stopped at Walmart for diapers on the way home, and here I am.

Have a good evening, I'm heading outside for a bit.

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