Cabinets flush with fridge?

he8833March 3, 2013

Do I make my wall cabinets above and on the side flush with fridge
Trying to plan my Ikea kitchen. To the right of the fridge I have a wall (can't really see in picture). To the left of the fridge as you can see in the attached picture. I have a wall cabinet 15'' in width with a 30'' wide cabinet above the fridge.

My question is whether I should have the wall cabinets on the left side and above the fridge bump out, so they are both flush with the fridge.
Just the cabinet ABOVE the fridge.
Leave as is

Is this all personal preference? This will be an Ikea kitchen and will require some minor retrofitting to increase the depth (no big deal).

My uneducated opinion is with the Ikea kitchens the knock is they look very uniform in terms not being able to customized etc. Having some varying depths of the wall cabinets (in my case around the fridge) seems to address some of the "cookie cutter" look.

I have no idea if Iam grasping at straws or whether this is strictly personal preference or an ease of use consideration. Obviously a setback cabinet above the fridge would make it harder for a shorter person to reach.

Anyways, in my case I want what looks best. Again to my uneducated decorating eye. I would varying depths of the wall cabinets around a kitchen may give it more of a "custom look"

Any input or thoughts?

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We pulled out the cabinet above the fridge and another full height one next to the fridge (would be between your fridge and wall). We like the extra deep storage space. We did not deepen the upper cabinet over countertop that would be the equivalent to your cabinet between the sink and fridge. It would make the sink area feel cramped, and make it hard to use that counter space with a cabinet sticking out that far into your face. So yes on the one over the fridge IF you want, but no to the other one alongside the fridge.

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With the sink right there making that cabinet on the left of the fridge extra deep might feel crowded. Not to mention that bit of countertop will be hard to use. Most pics I remember have regular cabinets next to the fridge, or built in ovens or pantry where there is no counter to worry about. I would consider getting an end panel though if you want a more built in look.

Just my 0.02, I'm no expert either! While I like the look if varied depth uppers, I elected not to do that as the trim work gets more complicated and labor increases. I do have 12, 15, and 24 inch deep uppers, but any given section is all one depth, or one transition (like to the fridge or ovens).

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robo (z6a)

IKEA makes 24" deep fridge cabinets. So you should definitely get one of those instead of the 12" one you have shown. After that, yes, you can build a frame behind it if you like to bring it even more to the front of the fridge if your fridge is deeper than counter depth.

IMO do NOT bring out the 15" cabinet between sink and fridge. You will make that important piece of countertop useless.

Also you may need some space between fridge and wall to accommodate opening the fridge handle into the wall. I believe many recommend 5-7" .

In order to make the kitchen look nicer (and, I think, support the large over fridge cabinet?) you should also install a cover panel between the fridge and sink run. There is a 36" deep x 8 foot high oven cover panel that looks really nice on the side of the fridge, especially if you do bring the cabinet above the fridge out. It will need to be cut at the back and maybe the top depending on how high your cabinets go.

If you post your kitchen plan either here or at IKEAFANS you will probably get lots of great advice. I would imagine ultimate kitchen layout wizard tbb123 would lend their time as they so often do to kit out amazing IKEA kitchens.

Here is a link that might be useful: tbb123 on over fridge cabinets

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robo (z6a)

In the thread linked below jgsearls shows a counter depth (24" deep) fridge with a 24x88" cover panel, a 24" deep fridge cabinet on top, and a pantry on the other side of the fridge.

In this thread on Ikeafans, staylu (also a gwer) shows a 4" pull out broom closet on the side of her fridge, which gives swing space between fridge door and wall
4 inch broom closet

Here is a link that might be useful: Fridge with 24

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I have 2 photos which might help you visualize what you want. The first is the fridge with a 24" cab over, a 24" closet cab on one side and a 13" upper on the other side:

The second is a full depth pantry next to a 13" cab next to the sink. If you had a fridge there instead of the pantry, it would be about the same proportions:

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I have the same setup as you in my Ikea basement kitchenette and used some shelves as a door to form a broom closet in my 9" leftover space- great hidey hole! Since you need filler space for your fridge door to open why not make it useful?

Also, really like these wire pullouts that I used in the 24" deep cabinets above the fridge- you can see everything from underneath and I can usually poke things over to the edge where I can reach it when I need it.

Here is a link that might be useful: diy broom closet beside fridge

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This is what we did with our counter-depth fridge setup.

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Thank you for the additional pictures. I think adding a narrow cabinet on the right side of the fridge would be a good idea though don't believe we have the space. The attached plan I added the deeper cabinet above fridge.

Here is my Ikea plan. All suggestions welcome

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We have ikea and I opted for the 24" deep fidge cabinet, which my contractor then built out so it sits flush with fridge. I used cover panels on each side, and a standard 12" deep upper next to it.

I would not do a deeper upper cabinet as it make that counter less productive.

I did not want a counter depth fridge.

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