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suellen_delawaresJuly 31, 2007

If I don't post for a few days I want you to know I am not missing! We are driving to Las Vegas today (4 hours) for my husband to see a lung specialist. We only have 2 in southern Utah and they can't see him until Aug 19! DJ (husband) has been having trouble breathing. They have run many tests and the diagnoses is "I don't know" They tested for asthma, heart, CT scan, blood work all of it was ok. We hope this Lung specialist has some answers. This was probably more information than you needed. IÂm tiered, stressed and have not had caffeine yet. I do take small quilting projects with me for the waiting rooms when he goes for a test. Quilting helps.

DJ & Me (Suellen)

I have to have some humor and fun. This is a picture of Cross Breeding gone wrong:

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Hope they find the reason soon...you make a lovely couple!
Keep us posted...........

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I have missed you, good of you to check in when you have so much going. You will be in my prayers and good thoughts for good results for your DH. Keep us updated when you can.

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Thanks for letting us know. I hope it goes well and they find the problem.


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Suellen, I do hope you find what the problem is. It's so frustrating to have symptoms, and not know why. It's rather scary. If you would ask me how I know, I would tell you that my husband has been itching uncontrolled going on 12 weeks. We see yet another specialist on Thursday. Fingers crossed here. I hope we both soon know what is going on with our husbands. Have a safe trip. We only have a 1 hour drive for Thursdays Dr. Appt. Will be watching for your news.


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Hope you get some answers. Have a safe trip. Thanks
for the picture of you and DH.

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I wondered what happened to you. May everything go well, and may you get some useful answers. Then please give us an update as soon as you get a chance!

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Hi, We are so gland to be back on our ranch. Las Vegas is a zoo and we ended up having to stay the night. We still have a diagnoses of "I don't know" with the addition of "it's not life threatening" Now our local Dr. is going to run some more tests!
Wow! Janice. Your poor DH itching for 12 weeks. I hope you get some answers soon too.
On the up side, we have some wonderful friends. When we found out we would have to spend the night we needed someone to take care of the goats, chickens and dogs. Several of our friends talked and between them they made sure the animals were taken care of. They didnÂt just go feed and water them they hung out with them, pampered and spoiled them. One friend now wants a goat. We appreciate where we live more than ever. Also I got some hand quilting done. Not much to do when waiting for a test and then waiting for the results.
Thank you all for your concern and support.
This post was longer than planned. Sorry

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Hello Suellen. I'm glad you had a safe trip. Whew, what a relief to find out that it's not life threatening! Hope you have some answeres soon. I hate the waiting.

It sounds as though you are blessed with wonderful friends. I love chickens, but I haven't been around goats before. Are they the small ones?

So far the only quilting I've done is by hand. I hope to start doing some free motion quilting soon. A wonderful person gave me an extra machine to replace a very old machine I have. I'm still learning to use my new machine!


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Glad to hear that things may not be as bad as you had thought. Hope that you continue to have good news.

I love handwork too. It may be slow but I find it so relaxing...
Take care,

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