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hsw_scMarch 28, 2014

Well, we're rounding the corner and getting ready to reno our kitchen! I have been working with the cabinet guy and his designer and the plans that we've come up with could use some tweaking from you guys! I will go ahead and say that I'd like to change the island to one level instead of a "drop" as shown, so seating for 4-5 in counter stools. The reason for the change is that I don't know what kind of walking room we'd have with the attached "table".


So, I am missing a micro drawer in these plans.(which I'd like to add). If I keep the fridge wall the same I could have it look like this:

Walls cannot be moved because there are major things behind them (bathrooms, garage, stairs, the only way to my bedroom). What do you all think so far? What would you change?

Thanks in advance!

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Is it me or is it Friday? ;) Do I need to give more info?

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What are the measurements? Aisle spaces?

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I am terrible at layout stuff, but it seems to have potential to be a great kitchen for you!

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The main problem is that your overhead view is not readable - and that's the most important view when asking for layout help. (Even zooming in doesn't make the measurements legible.) We need a legible layout with all the measurements. There is an issue with GardenWeb now that you can't post larger pictures (don't get me started on these so-called improvements!), so your best bet is to upload a much larger version to Photobucket and then allow us to see your photo at the Photobucket site so we can see the "larger" version. Right now, your settings don't allow us to see the pictures in your album. Be aware that you can have both Private and Public albums in Photobucket. You can store your layout pictures in a Public album and still keep all your other photos private.

FAQ: How do I ask for Layout Help and what information should I include?

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buehl, I'll work on that right now. Currently the only way for me to see them better is to throw them into Acrobat.

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Do you have a walk-in pantry somewhere? Do you have any plan for food storage within the kitchen?

Without knowing aisle widths, it is hard to say if your island is positioned well. But I do know that I would personally be unhappy with what appears to only be 12-18" to the right of the range. I'd move the ovens to the fridge wall (with the counter and microwave drawer between them).

Another thing to think about is that the cabinets by the fridge seem like they'd be perfect for dish and glass storage. Therefore I'd want the dw at that end of the island - pretty much mirror image the current island layout. The negative is that it could potentially place the sink directly opposite the range. Currently you have it just off center enough that 2 people could potentially work in the space. But you'd have to measure it out and see. Without the ovens, perhaps the range would scoot down that way a bit. It is hard for me to tell.

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controlfreakecs, yes, we have a butler's pantry with sink and large food pantry behind the range wall.

The aisle between range and sink is 45", between fridge and sink is 48". The reason I thought about moving the ovens to the fridge wall is because of the exact thing you mentioned, only 18" to the right of the rangetop. Seems too small to me.

If I did move the ovens to that wall, where would I put my dishes? To the left of the range? In the area between the fridge and over the MW? I ask because if I moved the ovens then that would leave only 45" between fridge and ovens. Or do you think that should suffice

Pics now have clickable goodness. I'm sorry that they are not that big, I made them as large as I could.

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I started a new thread since the links above don't link to the correct folder.

Here is a link that might be useful: New Thread

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