Is it feasible to make a pool deeper

kcbluApril 1, 2014

We bought this house year and a half ago with the existing pool. The pool is 15 x 30 or 32. The depth in the most shall part is maybe 2.5 to 3 ft and in the deepest part it is 4.5 or so in the deepest part. I am short so it doesn't bother me so much and I use the shallow part for wallking a lot and can tread water in the deep part but my 6 ft tall husband has been very unhappy with the depth. You can't even swim short laps because your feet will it the bottom when kicking in the most shallow part.

We have always wondered if it was feasible to make it a bit deeper so as to make it a more comforatable depth (not for diving or anything). Is the cost worth it if it can be done. It has a liner with steel sides. I am sure the liner will be good for a few more years so if we did it we would probably wait till then. Otherwise it is an enjoyable little pool and easy to maintain.
We have replaced the wood all around and put in black aluminum fence and it looks really nice. We will probably replace the gas heater soon. The picture was from last summer.
I just felt this would be a good place to raise this question for discussion.

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Yes you can make a 30ft pool up to 7ft deep in the deep end which should leave you 8ft of shallow end 3ft deep. Because of the steel panels and controlling the amount of slope to the deep end this would be about the most I would recommend changing the depth. Costs including a new liner should be around 7 to 8k.

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Thanks, muddy water, thats what I was looking for. How long do liners last? Thinking it would be prudent to wait till we need a new one. I think this one is about 4 yrs old.

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Hi kcblu - I just bought a house with the same type of inground liner pool (18 x 36, 3 feet to 4 feet). Did you ever find out what it would cost to get a deeper end? I am not looking for anything really deep. Even 6 feet would be great.

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