Relavant? No...but my gift to you nonetheless

remodelflaMarch 1, 2013

Today I was fortunate enough to witness something magical. A handsome young man in his dress blues comes walking into our school holding flowers. A cherub faced smiling young woman with him with her cell phone out. Both had this look of gleeful anticipation on their faces. He walks up to the desk in the office and asks if ....(insert Mom's name here) could be called down to the office. I ask him if this is a surprise and he says "yes". I blurt out... "Oh my God... you're her boy". And he responds "yes, I just got back from Afganistan and she doesn't know". Here stood this stoic, handsome, and wildly decorated young Marine. Within an instant, all the people in the office.. teachers passing thru and office workers froze in time. This beautiful dedicated woman/mother who spends her days helping special needs pre-schoolers comes into the office, unknowing; wondering why she's being called down. Her face, Oh... I can't even begin to describe her face when she saw him. She collapsed in his the floor. And in spite of his heroic decoration and training, he responded EXACTLY like a boy would respond to his Mom. "Mom... you're really gonna do this to me now". There was not a dry eye in the office. He got her up and the joy was palpable. I will never ever forget how perfectly beautiful that moment was. It's my boys birthday today... and it was like a gift to me and all parents to witness that bond. I watched a woman get reborn today as she was reunited with her oldest boy.

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I'm bawling. That was a beautiful story, and I thank you for sharing it!

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Wow, that simultaneously gave me shivers and made me teary eyed. What a beautiful moment to witness.

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I am sobbing, and praying that my good friend who is on his 3rd tour can come home safe soon and surprise his family

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What a touching event--thanks so much for sharing! Now I must go find my visine to get these red, teary eyes fit to go to the grocery store.

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How beautiful.....

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Oh remodelfla that is priceless! Thank you, thank you for sharing such a wonderful event with us. We just don't hear enough good news like this. (Having raised boys, this is especially dear to me.)

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As a mother of a young boy, I'm in tears.

Happy birthday to your son, whom I know from your postings that you love just as much and are just as proud of as that mother at school.

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Thank you!

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Thank you for sharing that touching moment!

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Beautiful story. Wonderful gift to us. Thanks.

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Thank you for sharing this. I hope the powers that be leave it here and don't move it to Conversations where I would never have seen it. I read it to my husband, a Korean War Vet, and sent it to an acquaintance who is a wonderful teacher and whose son, she has just been told, is on his way home from Afghanistan.

I love GW because of the help we receive from and give to others in kitchens, cooking, gardens, so much more. But also because it allows us, sometimes, to share moments like this.

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Thanks for that beautiful gift.

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Thank you for sharing. I am in tears because I don't have my oldest boy any more, but I am so happy for that mom that she has her boy back safe and sound. It made me chuckle that her grown up boy was embarrassed by her reaction to his surprise.
May God bless that service man and his family with many more days of happiness.

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Wonderful story. Thank you for sharing.

My BFFs son recently came back from Afghanistan also, but it wasn't a surprise. Her pictures say it all.

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I'm glad this has touched you as I had hoped it would. And most definitely yes... God Bless our men and women who serve our country.

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Beautiful surprise! We've had a few homecomings (DH and oldest son) and they are always so emotional.

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Thank you for sharing! Beautiful story!

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Thank you so much for sharing this. I am bawling away at the thought of a mother's heart seeing her beloved son.

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That is a wonderful story and left me teary. Thank you for sharing and reminding me of what's really important! (I needed that today.)

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Wiping away tears too. Thank you. So very wonderful to be part of such a happy moment.

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beachlily z9a

Yes, the tears! Congratulations to that family! I can barely type this.

Years ago I worked at the Naval Academy when we lived in Annapolis. Loved my boss, the Commander for computer operations. Good guy! Across the hall, Major Striker would pace around the rotunda at the top of the Admin. Bldg looking like a caged tiger. Well, Christmas rolled around and my Commander invited me to the Christmas program at the Naval Chapel. I walked in a nearly fainted--all the Marines were in dress uniform (be still my heart!). My boss tried to make me take his seat. Then a Marine approached me a urged me to take that seat. The Maj. Striker ordered me to (all in good humor). I explained that if I sat down, I would not see anything (I'm short). By standing at the back I saw everything. I stayed there--with the Marine on one side, Maj. Striker beside him and my former Air Force Cap. husband on the other side. Good company, must say. Very safe.

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Thank you for sharing this poignant story, remodel. I really don't like to cry, and don't do it as a general rule, but that was totally worth it.

A very happy birthday to your boy, mama!

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What a fabulous story, I'm drying tears here too. Remodelfla, you have a real gift for story telling, that was beautifully described.

Badgergal I'm so sorry for your loss, my heart goes out to you. God bless you.

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I'm crying.... thanks for sharing.....

Bragergal, I'm sorry for your loss.

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Thank you for such a heart-warming story, and for telling it so well that I'm crying for joy as I read it! What a gift all around, to the Mom, her son, you, your son, and all of us that shared your gift here. I rarely post, (too shy), but just had to say thanks!
Smiling is smiling and crying at the same time.

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Lovely story---thanks for sharing.

Badgergirl, I feel for you, as I, too have lost my son (something no parent should have to suffer), but what a joy it is to hear about another mother getting her son back.

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Lovely story. Thanks for sharing.

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that was so touching. you are a gifted writer too. thank you for sharing!

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