Heading out of town!

jennifer_in_vaJuly 19, 2007

DH left on the motorcycle today for Memphis, TN. I leave tomorrow morning to fly to Memphis where he'll pick me up. We continue our trip to Clarksdale, MS for the weekend get together with our motorcyle group.

There's a great rustic bar in Clarksdale (the crossroads of blues music) part-owned by Morgan Freeman! (He showed up there for the evening last year while we were there!) We'll hang out there for the weekend.

Sunday DH drops me off at Memphis airport again...about 9:30am My flight isn't scheduled to leave until 3:15 so if I can't get it changed, then I'll get a lot of sewing and reading done! LOL I'm taking all my dresdan plate blocks and 2 more Jennifer Chiaverini books, and my cd player! Should be set!

I'll check in throughout today as I clean house before the mothers come to babysit! Then again on Sunday evening when I return!

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Have a great trip, Jenn!


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That sounds like a great trip! Be careful on that road cause there's lots of people who don't SEE a motorcycle. And I hope you get to see Morgan Freeman again. Do keep us updated.
What kind of bike did you say y'all have?

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this will be the first trip on the new 2007 Honda Goldwing!!! It's 1000 miles each way for him, about 250 each way from Memphis I think for me.

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Does he ride a lot? His butt may be sore if he's not used to riding a long way. I know mine would be:-)
Yours might also cause that's 500 miles round trip. I know the Goldwing is a fairly comfortable bike compared to some others I've ridden on. Just stop & stretch often & you should be fine. Take lots of pics & share with us when you get back. I can't believe you're coming to my state. Even though it's north & west of me. Have fun.

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No problem with his butt! He does what's call "Iron Butt" rides...1000 miles in 24 hours! On his old bike, not nearly as plush, he'd head to Atlanta for lunch!

And yes, the goldwing is quite cushy! Double the space I used to have, plush music! Can't beat that. Also, better foot positioning, so my hips won't scream. It'll be fuN!

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Have a great time! I'm not a bike person, but a Goldwing is NIIIICCE!


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