What are your weekend plans?

lots2doJuly 13, 2007


This is my day off from school. I am going to travel down to the 'big' city to a 20% quilt shop sale. Have to get some background fabric for my Grandmother's Flower Garden. Can't wait to pick it out, purchase, wash it and start cutting away! I have wanted to sew all week but haven't had the breathing room to do it.

So...that is my major plan and objective!

Take care,everybody,

Kelly - NH

PS Also have to get an anniversary gift for DH. Lisa and I both celebrate an anniversary this weekend!

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Going to our DD's for a mini-reunion over the weekend with our immediate family (our children and their families) and then next Wednesday on to VT for the big family reunion (I heard about 300 people will be there.) Have been cooking and baking all week--no time to sew. Have a good weekend everyone. Happy Quilting.


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I'm going to a quilt show this afternoon. Tomorrow
we have a family reunion. Sunday after church I'm headed to Roanoke VA for a week. Anyone live near there?
Mayme in West MI

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I have no plans.

mayme !I'm about 4 hours east of Roanoke...not quite close.

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DH is working tomorrow, so I can do what I want! Anyway, planning to keep working on my guild challenge quilt. Maybe even finish it!


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DH and I are going to the Orange County fair so I can start test driving quilting machines and frames. I doubt I'll purchase anything today. My plan is to get an idea of what I want and then start socking away the money so I'll be ready to buy at Road2CA in January.

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Sue, if you see KTLA reporting out at the fair - be sure to wave cuz I watch that news every night! LOL
A friend and I are talking about going to Road on Thursday and Friday - in case you are there one of those days, we can meet up.
Have fun at the fair!

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I am going to start working on my next birthday block. Colleen

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I'm doing something quilt related! I'm going to Sisters, OR for their quilt show tomorrow.

I'm also doing laundry, packing and cleaning before I leave on Monday.

~ Kit

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Ally, I will definitely be going to Road. I signed up for a lecture by Mark Lipinski (editor of Quilter's Home magazine) on Friday night. Don't know yet if I got in. I am only about 30 minutes away from Ontario, so we can meet for sure. Have you been before? It is awesome! Bring lots of money. lol

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My youngest son, his 2 sons and "large" puppy are visiting from N. Carolina, so it's going to be a little hectic in our household for the next 2 weeks...(Imagine 2 boys, 4 cats and a dog.) We do have trips planned for the Pgh. Zoo, Idlewood Park, Sandcastle, couple nights at the cabin at Cook Forest and up to the Erie beaches... Needless to say, not much quilting but alot of fun....Our 8yr. old, asked if I would make him a patriotic quilt and also wants to learn to use the sewing machine...
Enjoy the weekend everyone,

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Well after spending 2hrs the otherday in the emergency room for a Concussion I don't really have a lot of energy LOL.
Still have a headace........so I just plan to take everything in stride.........

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Red...what did you do??? I hope it wasn't another ironing accident!! Hope you feel better soon.

I have gs 4th birthday party. Hubby can't go cause the morons who are building our garage decided not to come today, but come tomorrow!! All without telling us. GRRRRR. I am so sick of hearing "is it done yet?" NNNNOOOOO.

(big deep breath here). Okay. Going to try sandwiching my quilt after the party...gonna have a backache from that process.

Hoping my friend drops by, she has a big box of perennial "gifts" to give me. :)

Have a great week end...travel safe...feel better.

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I went to bend over to feed the cats in the morning and I slammed my head off the wall! I seen stars....later on in day it just got worst....throwing up, dizzy....so I made ER visit........diagnosis Concussion LOL!

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I plan to spend today working on my paper-pieced quilt (Twisted Log Cabin). I'm hoping to get it finished before my 80th birthday (I'm almost 60 now).

Tomorrow I'm heading to Maryland to visit my parents. And my DIL might meet me there and bring my grandsons. A fun day, but tiring with 3 hours on the road.

Happy Quilting!!

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We are into a hot hot spell so I have cool meals planned until Monday. I can't take the heat so I can do something quilty...many options.

Received 2 new quilt books to ponder. One Block Wonder and The Embroidered Village Bag. Has anyone tried these patterns.

Whatever your plans, may your weekend be a great one.

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Shopping with a friend, some quilting, a friend's movie night, and goofing off. :D

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