Anyone has a second thought on their pool's size?

truxtc102April 8, 2013

Soooo...the project's manager came to draw out the shape of the pool today. To be honest, I'm a little disappointed with the size of it. It was one of my concern since the beginning and now wish I had thought through with the size of the pool a little bit more. My husband kept saying that 20 by 35 play pool would be good enough and he is now having a second thought as well. We do have a roomy yard to put in any size/shape of a pool that we want. I just didn't want it to be the size that would break our bank but also want to be happy with it! I called our designer and he's pretty much trying to convince me that once they dig it and complete it, things will look right and not 'small' anymore. What do you guys think? Does anyone have this size of a pool and what is your thought on it?
p.s. we have a tanning ledge put in as well, so some of it eats up the length of the pool.

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Change it now while it is cheap (and unbuilt). Otherwise, you will always have that on your mind.

Our last pool was 36' in length (due to space). Our new pool is 44-45 ft in length.

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We did. During the designing process for our fiberglass pool, we had to go in to pick the waterline tile that we wanted. It was at this meeting that we asked to change our fiberglass pool from the San Juan Atlantic to the San Juan Stardust. (Link below for comparison). It was early enough that we could make the change.

Like most people, I placed my own markers for the approx. size of our original pool, and it just seemed a little on the small size. We're happy we went with the larger size. It's something that can only be done once, so we wanted something in our back yard that made us happy, instead of saying 'what if' every time we went swimming.

Here is a link that might be useful: San Juan Fiberglass Pool Models

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Rob Fleming

I would hold up and go VISIT in person (there is no substitute) other pools the same size that you are thinking about. We bought a bank-owned house with a pool that we thought was pretty big (20 by 35?) but after using it for a summer, I really wish it was longer so that I could actually swim laps though it is fine for the kids etc. Don't rush and don't let anyone strong arm you into committing to anything until you are sure of what you. It's your money and you have to live with your choice.

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We have a 10 x 20 social pool and it is just perfect for us and maybe 40 other guests. lol however we regret not putting in more space around the pool. We only have 1600 sq ft of pavers. Please do not skimp on this.

Here is a link that might be useful: New pool build, Jacksonville

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Thank you guys and ladies for your valuable opinions!:) I hope I'm not going to kick myself later but I have decided to keep it 'as is'.:) I think the main thing was the delay in repermit if there's changes to the size and we are too anxious to wait any longer...lolz...If I happen to hate the size so much, I guess I will call it a life lesson, and move to a new house!..haha

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We have a 24 by 24 pool with a 6 foot by 24 foot tanning ledge (so the pool is about 18 by 24 including steps) - if you intend to heat it you will LOVE that it's not huge, and the tanning ledge really warms the water up for you.

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tlvancouver, my goodness your pool looks so great!! It goes so well with the design of your house! I hope mine will turn out just as well...

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I agree, change it now, you won't be sorry you went bigger but you may regret not doing it later. I love my tanning ledge, ours is 9x8 and I wish it were at least 10x9.

tlvancouver, I love your pool too. Perfect tanning ledge!

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truxtc102, IMHO you should decide how you will use the pool 90% of the time and then go with a size. ( Like purchasing a house with that fourth bedroom just to house the inlaws who visit once every 2 years) We wanted a small pool because 90% the time it would only have 2-6 people in it. The wife had a total knee replacement so it was important for her to exercise in it. It was also important for us to be able to stand anywhere in our pool with a beverage in hand not have water over our head. We love to watch TV in 5-1 surround sound while soaking in the pool, the car races and football is taken to another level. Small pools have many advantages and disadvantages.
Some advantages are less water it takes so cost is less, less chemicals needed, less maintenance( it takes me 3 mins to brush my pool), we keep the pool at 90 degrees so heating time with solar and heat pump is less, one person can put and take off the pool cover.
Of course if money is no object then please put in the biggest pool and pay someone to maintain it if it begins to be a burden for you.
We entertain almost every weekend so space around the pool and a summer kitchen etc was very important for us. I am including some pics

Playing modified Volley Ball

Here is 25 people in our pool ages 2-75 years and there is plenty of room for more.

Hope this helps and please post pics of your pool build. We are very excited for you and your family.
PS. Before the contractor came out we outlined our pool with stakes and string and places chairs and tables all over the yard to simulate what the final pool will look and feel like. We did this for a weekend and went out at night and various times of the day when the sun was out to see what was expected.

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Thanks for your nice comments, I should put some actual photos up :)

I agree with brentr, really think about what you want most of the time. We have teenage girls and they love to soak, play volleyball etc., we knew they wouldn't be diving etc. for long (and could go to friends/community pool if they needed to). We wanted low maintenance with "rooms" meaning we can sit in or on the water and lounge, while someone is floating and the girls are playing volleyball. The increase in cost to heat with depth and volume is significant.

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Brent, what is the size of your pool? I like the way you fence it up and make it enclosed! Thanks for the advise guys! I wanted just a play pool with some lap swimming to begin with. I'm the budget kind of girl and it is very hard for me to go over what I intended to spend on whether I have 'extra' or should be around 35 feet long and 20 feet wide at the widest with 6by20 for a tanning ledge for the kids. As I already go over what I intended to spend on and more, I have decided to use our neighborhood's pool to swim laps if I ever yarn for that space. Seriously, our HOA's pool is a walking distance from our is some pictures of the expected pool minus the add on minor details that I'm planning to have. My yard does have some other trees that are not shown in the pictures but it shouldn't be a big deal..

Picture only show one part of the yard...and I'm planning to put in a pool side gazebo on the other side..

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Our pool is basically 10 x 20 ft. It is 13.5Ft or so at the widest part where the 2 benches are. The raised part around the pool are special concrete footers which is necessary for placement of the screen cage required in Florida. The screen is expected to withstand winds in excess od 130mph. On the opposite end is the summer kitchen and a Florida room.

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Now I feel much better after seeing your pictures! Thank you guys! Your backyards look like a great hang out place,I don' t think I would need to go inside ever feel much better with our chosen size now..:)

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