How do I get rid of Thompson's?

metermanMay 14, 2010

I want to use a semi-transparent oil to seal my deck. It appears to have Thompson's Water Seal or something similar on it now (clear but water beads up). What do I need to do to get that off and prep for the oil based product?

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If it is thompson its a real pain. md80,oxalic wash and you might have to use the 80 a couple times the only way to know is try a test area, if it comes up blochy, you have to do it again. Thompson is complet junk its worst than using nothing at all.

Drift on over to they have all that stuff and a pretty good anwser question area. J.

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Thanks for your reply John. I am not sure what the previous owner put on the deck, just assuming it is Thompson's because that is what most people in this area use. I will go to the website you mentioned and see about finding the oxalic wash. Also, this deck is around an above ground pool and will get lots of wet traffic on it. What would you advise me to retreat it with?

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The woodrich guys also sell a not bad outdoor finish. I use twp 100 series.

Remember oxalic is a brightner not a stripper you will need both. J.

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