Cataract Surgery is In My Future

country_bumpkin_alApril 26, 2012

I go May 17h for a cataract "evaluaion". What is that and what can I expect at the evalation?

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There have been a couple conversations about this. You might get some good info from these two links as well as anything else posted here. Best wishes for successful surgery.

Here is a link that might be useful: cataract surgery

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I had cataract surgery on March 14--check the threads socks posted for lots of comments. I assume the "evaluation" is the prior appointment in which the doctor will assess your need for the surgery, explain the procedure and expected results, and consult with you about the type of lens implant. For my situation only the monofocal was recommended; however others have had the option of a multifocal and a lens that corrects for astigmatism.

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Country, I sent you an email.

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I had both of mine done last December. The procedure was quite simple. However, I got monovision and I am not happy with it. I am going back for the YAG laser procedure in a couple weeks for secondary cloudiness. I wish my experience had been as trouble-free as most.

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Ded, I had to go back 2 years after my surgery to have the fluid drained behind my implants - the doctor said most people who have cataract surgery experience this and it's considered 'normal', but that it shouldn't ever occur a second time.

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Best wishes and good luck thoughts!

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I had cataract surgery on my right eye about 6 years ago. After about 3 years, I noticed "clouding" again, so it was retreated with laser as mentioned above.

The original surgery was like real, though short,outpatient surgery---no afterward pain that I recall. The laser treatment was over quite quickly and, pretty much, a piece of cake.

My eye surgeon told me that about one-third to one-half of cataract patients have to get the additional laser treatment post-surgery, and my timeline was usual.

Good Luck!

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Not a difficult surgery and now I have glasses just for reading....For shopping I use one contact (mono-vision) in my left eye..

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I had both of mine done six months ago and now I have 20/10 vision. Don't need glasses at all, it was easy peasy and we even went out to lunch after I had each one. It took about five days to see perfectly although you do see an amazing change right after the surgery. The evaluation is just that, he looks at your eyes and tests them to decide if you're ready for the surgery.

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You might see color change, also. I THOUGHT I had a grey house and a grey car. Well, it turned out they were both blue!

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I've known two people with cataracts-my (late) Mom and my husband. Mom did nothing about her cataracts except take vitamins (lutein). She was totally blind at the end, "pretended" to watch TV and would spread a newspaper in front of her. She kept TV on a news channel so she knew what was going on. Hubby had two cataract surgeries. Both went well-good healing, minimal pain. Docs implanted different lenses in each eye to give him "acceptable" vision without glasses-one eye good for reading, the other for distance vision.The brain is supposed to sort things out. He no longer drives but WAS able to pass DMV's vision test. He was very happy. One warning, after the surgery, don't move your eyes around. Don't try to read or watch TV, anything that would make you move your eyes. Just rest and keep your eyes as relaxed as possible. And use the prescribed drops as ordered! Good luck!!!

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You have to wear a goofy looking plastic shield over your eye for the first day and then at night for a week or so. It kind of looks like a plastic colander, with holes. I got tired of the drops but of course kept using them faithfully as prescribed.

Thanks for the encouragement about the YAG laser procedure. I'm not really worried about it. I just wish my brain would adjust to monovision but after four months, I doubt it. I am thinking of getting a contact lens for the near-distance eye to try to even things out.

I no longer have glare when driving at night and that is just wonderful. I also rediscovered color!

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I did not have to wear a shield over my eye. I also was able to read and watch TV right after surgery. It was a piece of cake. We went out to breakfast after my second surgery.

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A friend, age 64, had cataract surgery/lens implants in both her eyes about a month ago. After getting new bifocal eyeglasses, she says colors she sees thru the eyeglasses are less colorful, less vibrant, look almost "greyed over". She takes off her glasses to view her flowers or watch TV and the colors are much brighter & colorful.

Any ideas as to why this might be so? She is having a heck of a time trying to get eyeglasses that work good for her after her cataract surgery.


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I had surgery on my right eye June 11th! No problems at all! Last visit, he told me I had some "hazing", but it wasn't unusal. It can be corrected with lazer.

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I am taking my mother today to have her left eye done. She had her right eye done in August. The surgery wasn't all that bad, and she didn't have much pain at all. I hope it is the same today.

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I had mine done almost 2 years ago. Best thing I've ever done for myself. I had horrible eyes, almost failed the license renewal test the last time I took it. There was no pain whatsoever. The most pain was getting the IV in. And no eye patch. Actually, we left after my surgery and went straight to Cici's for lunch! You will love it and be so glad you did it!
Oh, and if I remember right, the evaluation was just checking your eyes out, and then talking about how much the cost will be with your insurance, etc.

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Knock 'em dead C.B.!!! May is a long way off so you have a lot of time to train for it. *grin*

(Rocky Theme) Just me over here cheering for you!

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I had mine done several years ago and have really enjoyed the results. I have to wear reading glasses for serious reading but most days I never have to put them on. When I go shopping, I wear one contact (mono-vision) in my left eye...better than readers on my nose. I can tell you I was thrilled not to have to wear glasses any more. It is pretty easy surgery.

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I have Pre-op tomorrow, then surgery on the left eye Aug. 7 and right eye Sept. 18. The only thing I dread is all the eye drops. Hubby will have to put those in for me. My closeup vision is fine. It's distance vision that is not good. I've opted to keep my good closeup vision but will need glasses for distance. That's not a problem, as I don't drive any more. Implants will be the same. I didn't want one eye for closeup and one eye for distance.

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