refinishing mahogany porch flooring

cwckvilleMay 25, 2010

I have a covered porch with mahogany floor protected by a one-foot high floor rail and plastic windows that are raised and lowered given hot/cold weather. there is no heating or cooling , only ceiling fan. Originally i stained with Cabots Australian timber oil and have not restained. now, 5-6 years later my dog has scratched several planks ( which seem softer than surrounding unscratched planks) and water marks from pool drippings and a stain from a wet cooper pot need to be removed. what do you suggest for a refinishing of this floor?

Thanks, chip

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If you are generally happy with the ATO I'm not sure why you would consider changing finishes. You would likely have to strip the ATO or sand it off to go to another product.
Why don't you give Cabot technical support a call and see what they recommend.


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I have CATO and love it. It's been 4 yrs for us and time to power wash and restain. Why are you changing or are you just looking for something different?

I'lll definitely be going Cabot's Australian Timber Oil again. It rocks. I have 4 big dogs (100 lbs) and they cannot seem to damage my deck.

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