can you tile over a T& G porch floor?

swag1981May 28, 2010

We have an old Michigan farm house that has a covered 28'x10' front porch. The porch floor is tongue and groove wood that is painted. About every 2-3 years I have to sand and repaint it because the paint is peeling off. We are thinking about taking the wood off and replacing it with compsite or PVC, but I like the t&g look and don't want a deck look. I have also thought about tiling the floor. Has anyone ever done this? Does it hold up? Is it slippery when it's wet from rain or snow? We really only use the porch doing warm weather, it's not the main entrance to the house, but I don't want something that's really slippery because of our pets. I have never been a fan of tile because of the grout looking dirty. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I keep revisiting this everytime I have to repaint it.

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I strongley recomend you do not tile over a T&G wood proch. J.

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it does not sound like you care much for the tiles either. Don't do it and yes, it could be slippery and looks wierd to tile on a deck or wooden porch. Stick to simple and natural. Strip the wood down to the raw... and use a penetrating sealer with an oil top sealer. It will never peal and becomes part of the wood. You do have to keep feeding it with oil once in a while, but oil and wood become one....and the oil is a water repellant for the wood. like the oil used to treat a butcher block. I have never done it before but i know people do this for their wooden log homes and outdoor wood furniture...

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