Suggestions on pool liner please!!!

ailene54April 14, 2013

My pool liner is getting old, itâÂÂs pulled away from the corners on the steps and has lost color. In the last 2 years weâÂÂve had a couple of leaks, all have been patched. Should I have liner replaced when I open the pool? Are some liners better than others? Are some more expensive? Is it costly to have the shallow end extended when we replace the liner? Right now the pool has a very small shallow end, the previous owner was a diver, we are swimmers, but the diving board is not used much, even though I wouldnâÂÂt remove it, I would like to have a larger area to walk in, and a more gradual drop from shallow to deep. Any information you can give me on new liners will be appreciated. I plan on checking out prices with more than the person who opens and closes my pool, do you see a problem if I donâÂÂt use him for the liner? Thanks!

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If you take away the board you could turn the whole pool into a shallow pool. Other than that the slope is designed for the diving. Look for a 27mil liner. As for replacing it wait until it will not hold water anymore if you want and use whatever company you want to replace and change the depth if you so wish.

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Muddy thanks for your reply. My liner still is holding water,my concern has been the cost of repairs when my pool person has had to dive to find small holes...reason why I was losing water,was wondering if its cost effective to just change when I've been told I can "probably" get another year out of the liner.

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