Golf lesson update

redpennyJuly 10, 2007

Well tonight when I went to golf class I was hiting my balls really good..............the instructor said to me wow you are looking really good then we he came down to check me the first thing I said was I am not holding my club as you showed us in the first he said let me see how you are holding it...then he said that was fine continue doing it the way I feel most comfortable with...

then the same lady came down from last week class I told you about who was having problems told me she came to class super early to talk with him to tell him she couldn't hold the club like he showed us she asked me to show her how I held my club because she said LOL you really do great hitting those I showed her and she went back down to her spot and was holding the club like I do LOL.DH said he seen some of the women watching me they were trying to see how I was holding my club.....he said in fact a few came down and stood behind me and were watching and said her balls are so high and straight how is she holding that club can you see her hands...LOL!

The instructor had DH again demonstrate his swing he holds the club like the instructor showed us in the first class he told DH he was his perfect student LOL.....

Dh told me tonight when we were at the driving range I think you should continue holding the club your way because you really did good tonight he said he had to laugh when the instructor said wow you are really looking good then you told him Thanks but I am not using your hand club style

next week we have to bring all our clubs and he is going to go through what each club is used for on the course....just 2 lessons left...............


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I just started golfing and I love it. We were walking the course but the high 90's and the humidity caught up with us, so the last few weeks we have been using a cart.
Mine go straight (usually) but I just can't get the power behind them to hit them as far as I would like.
I have 2 or 3 more strokes from the tee as DH grrrrrrrrrrrrr.
But it really is a lot of fun. Glad you are doing so well.

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