Anyone having trouble using 'Save Image as'?

biwako_of_abiJuly 14, 2007

When I want to save a copy of someone's beautiful quilt to look at later, or keep a picture of a fellow quilter, I right-click on it and choose "Save image as", then a box pops up and I can tell the computer where to save the picture. So far, so good, but lately, nothing actually does get saved, no matter where I try to put it.

I have even gone back and deleted a picture previously saved from the Internet and then asked to save it again as described above, and that function just doesn't work anymore.

Thinking it might be due to a recent automatic update of Windows, I removed the update, but still no good. Then I did a System Restore back to July 5. Still no good.

So I am wondering if it is just my computer, or if someone somewhere has decided to make it impossible to save *any* pictures at all to our computers. I know that some pictures are protected from being saved this way, but not all--or at least, they didn't used to be.

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Hi, there. I am able to use the "save image as" function. I just did it a moment ago to test. I use Firefox version and the picture opened with my current default, Finepix viewer, when I double-clicked it from "My Computer."

Computers are so great when they work as expected, but it sometimes seems someone can sneeze in the same room and send it all in a tizzy, doesn't it?

I hope you figure this out quickly.

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Biwako,I am not having a problem with it. Did you try posting this in the computer help forum?? They are really helpful. I check them out a few times a week just to learn stuff.

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I agree that you should ask the nice folks over at the Computer Help forum. They are great. Good Luck!!

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The problem is now solved. Two people at the Computer forum suggested CrapCleaner, so I got that because it really looks useful, but the problem was only with Firefox. Something had gotten corrupted.

I finally fixed it--after trying a lot of other things--by deleting the whole Mozilla folder from my Documents & Settings>[user name]>Applications folder. That contains your FireFox profile, Bookmarks and Scrapbook add-on, etc., so I backed those up to a CD prior to the deletion.

Everything is now back to normal. If anyone else has a similar problem, I have described the solution in more detail in the thread I started on the Computer forum. Thanks for telling me about it. I can see I am going to become a regular there, too!

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